Photo Selling Website

Web Description

Photo by John Glass is a photography business website that showcases a large number of photos and videos that our client wanted to sell through this website. The website is visually appealing and is designed in such a way that the viewer can see the full picture of the client on his screen. The photos are arranged in multiple categories so that a visitor can easily navigate to the one that interests him the most. Being a Photographer website, its main focus is on how to attract clients by making it more attractive. This website offers our client the perfect platform to connect with his buyers and followers in a secure way.

Photographer Website

Photography Business Website

Web Features

• The website is designed with a focus on visual appeal
• Multiple categories for the photos for easy navigation
• Amazing looking clean layout
• Newsletter section
• A blog site integrated with this website
• Cool looking user-friendly interface
• Focus on the visual appeal of the exciting contents.

Challenges & Solutions

The main challenge that we faced in designing this website was to showcase the photographs in such a way that the viewer can see all the photos of a particular category. We solved this problem by putting the photos of different categories in a slide show where the visitor can simply by clicking on the arrows to look at all the photos of a particular type in full-screen mode. As a reputed WordPress website development company, our experts used the WordPress platform to tremendous effect in building this website and integrating various services with it. Even when the client asked us to include the cart section in it without the database being present, our programmers and developers were able to do so efficiently.

Photography Mobile App

What Our Client Says

The client praised the working expertise of our web designing company and was very pleased with our professional approach and quality of the work.

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