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App Description

This app is used to detect your present location. It not only helps you find the nearby locations but also helps you do the task just in a second or two. You can use the app anywhere you are finding or knowing the location you do not know. You can do this just in a few touches. The app is made for users to help them to detect their present location and also help them find the nearby places. It is a powerful easy to use location finder app helps people do not know the places but need a guide to find the places just in a few clicks away.

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Nearby me app features

App Features

Around is a reliable as well as powerful place finder mobile app that helps the people need of finding the current locations and nearby locations on the go. It is useful, because it is easy to use by anyone.

  • Easy to detect the current locations
  • Helps to find nearby locations
  • One touch solutions for location finding
  • Easy to detect current location as well as finding the nearby location
  • Finding important places is just on the go, like ATM, Banks, Police Station banks, clubs, zoo, bus or airport around you, do just one thing.
  • Search bar to find the related category
  • Selecting the radius, travel mode, priority and easy to navigate from settings
  • Quick saving option to save the favorite locations

Challenges & Solutions

Finding the location is easy, but the main challenge you have faced is finding the exact location. When a user is browsing a location, he or she needs to get the proper location, so the navigation and search of the location would be excellent. Ab initio, we have been in a deep research to complete the project that users can rely and certainly again we have come up with proper solution because of our strong app development team.

Location finder app features

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