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Web Description

TRF production music library is the best library for users who like to get the latest music. One can search, listen as well as download music from almost twenty-five production music libraries with more than 850 CDs, including 24,000 tracks. The website displays one of the largest collections of contemporary, retro as well as traditional production music, which contains all types of categories that are available, combining classical and all kinds of ethnic specialty music. The website is made of using WordPress. A responsive music website with high functionality.

Music Website

Entertainment Web

Web Features

  • Easy to navigate website
  • User interface is designed to keep in mind for visitors
  • Simply colored design but easy to navigate
  • Search engine friendly website for proper ranking

Challenges & Solutions

It was not like other projects to us, it was a bit different, better to say an easy website project, but client used to come to online at the midnight time, and our time is different, so we have faced a challenge communicating with the client in time. It was truly a tough situation, but our team has managed the time to interact with the client about the project came to the solution.

Music Web

What Our Client Says

Guru Technolabs is the go-to resource for the newest knowledge in application development, and trends in online marketing as well as brand communication. Guru Technolabs an unparalleled WordPress website application development company they said. They are very much interactive during the project, which offers great learning and insights to us, plus they have provided a bespoke application that we were truly looking for.

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