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Web Description

It is a music website, with sound cloud integration feature. The website content has given nicely so that everyone can understand easily and as quickly as possible. The theme has been developed and design using WordPress platform. Doug Bossi is an award-winning composer as well as artists from all around the world. His website says more about him, about his musical journey and how he has taken him all over the world as a renowned guitarist playing as well as recording with many popular bands as well.

Music Website

Entertainment Web

Web Features

  • A fine designed website, big one but easy to navigate
  • Feature to opt for Indonesian or English language to read the site information
  • Easy login and sign up facility
  • Simple but quick search bar on the top
  • Connecting through social media with the company fan page at the bottom

Challenges & Solutions

A superb thing has happened while designing and developing this website, it was pretty interesting and challenging at the same time for our designing and development team. Our client had asked us to have smooth website with their theme, which was already taken by them, but the toughest thing was to give the animations with smoother effects with the previous them taken by the client, but our developers were experienced enough developing this type of website, so they did it properly and given the website a complete professional look.

Musical Web

What Our Client Says

Our client says that we are not only a skilled WordPress website development company in India but also a company that knows how to manage the difficult project in time. Our client was very pleased with the project done on our end and have appreciated us long time communication to execute the project and make it successful.

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