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App Description

With Garden designer Pro app, you can easily design as well as make dream garden without any other help. You can enjoy an impressive collection of more than hundred trees, shrubs as well as flowers as your garden accessories. If you want to create your own dream garden sans groundbreaking ceremony, then this application is beyond doubt perfect for you. A great thing is that you can save money and test them what types of plants to fit into the virtual garden. You can use them quickly and plan simply by pressing the device camera or select something from their library to make your garden impressive. This app is a great app beyond question because this app will help you make your own garden easy, just in a few touches.

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App Features

  • Impressive selection of more than 100 – trees, shrubs and flowers as accessories
  • Save money and test them what plants to fit into their garden
  • High definition more than 100 plant elements
  • No in application purchases
  • Position, zoom, rotate by finger touch
  • Easy to Use
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Challenges & Solutions

This app has a unique concept. There was no any reference to this app. We visited client place and discuss the requirement. The client only shared an idea. We imagined the application, given it real shape from imagination and created design. People really loved this app.

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