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App Description

Who does not like face maker application and share photos with their friends and family? Yes, almost everyone for sure. The “Funny Face Maker” is one of the best mobile apps that help to make funny photos to entertain your friends as well as family. It is an entertainment application built in such a way that runs on both Android and iOS at the same time. Therefore, if you are using Android or iOS, you do not need to worry about it. When you will start using this finest application to make a new face and share your family and friends, will be addicted to it. You can easily choose your favorite funny object from a wide array of objects.

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Funny photo creator app features

App Features

Funny Face Maker is a powerful, yet easy to use application

  • A large collection of funny objects
  • Choose the image from the gallery to take pictures from the camera
  • You can easily use UI from adjoining or removing the funny objects you like
  • Multiple objects in one picture
  • Drag and drop the system to resize and move the objects

Challenges & Solutions

Challenge in this mobile application was design and speed. There were lots of objects and parameters to be used. We had to place it in such a way that it becomes easy to use application. Any person can easily assume all navigation. This app was targeted for all ages from children to old ages. So the design was a most crucial challenge.

This was an offline application with lots of images and objects. so it must operate smoothly and fast. We overcome this challenge and were given a tag of “The best mobile application development company” by our client.

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