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App Description

MStore is one of the best E-commerce mobile application solutions to get your physical store online. In this highly competitive digital age, MStore not only helps you build strong online presence but also helps you show your product’s category wise. This is nothing but a powerful & easy shopping car app. You can get a quick and easy look at all your order history, notifications and other new offers you need to get. It also helps manage the categories, icons and descriptions of the products in detail, including notifications. It is an Android based application.

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App Features

A customized easy to use Dashboard and web admin panel helps you manage the application easily and quickly. You can easily manage the categories and other things of mobile shopping app without any doubt.

  • Category wise product update
  • Display shopping car, wish list and order history
  • Easy checkout option including notification for new offers
  • Customized web admin panel to manage the app fully
  • Managing categories, icons, description of the products and other details easily
  • Information on total sales, total products and total categories with additional details in Dashboard

Challenges & Solutions

It is a physical store online. We faced a real-life challenge while building this application because it should be a powerful application one could use it quickly and easily. We needed to meet the deadline, and the deadline was for a few days, but our development team was strong enough, who tried their level best to finish the project with utmost sincerity and clarity.

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