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App Description

The Global Mobile CRM application is one of the greatest apps that provide an easy way to review the call objectives. If you want to review, all your important call objectives or want to search for your clients. If you want to add some call notes or essential contacts as well as view last five meetings, then this app is a great app for you.

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App Features

The Global mobile CRM app for doing an easy review of all your call objectives; it is a great app for all you need about your call review, call meetings review and other things.

  • This mobile CRM application helps you search the clients quickly about your clients’ detail.
  • The main objectives of all allow you to choose the completed call objectives as well as submit it
  • The quick notes not only allow you to add the notes that based on the interaction with the clients but also add, edit and omit the things as per your requirement.
  • You can track last five meetings; you will be able to view with the necessary details

Challenges & Solutions

It was an excellent CRM app for buy people, who want to track the review of all their call objectives on a regular basis. We are a CRM mobile app development company in India but honestly speaking, we had faced a great challenge while designing this excellent app, because we were bit confused whether the app would be good to serve all the purposes and objectives to the people who really in need it. However, our client was very interactive with us, and helps us complete the project in time.

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