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App Description

This free contacts backup mobile app is free for all time. It is a good news for Android users who want to enjoy the free contacts to backup their contacts sans any hassle. This is the latest application and is free forever. One of the biggest things of this app is no need to sign up for the application, you do not need an account, no activation is needed. You just need to send the contact in an all round global format to your email with its simple and easy to use application. Now the Free Contacts Backup Pro will back all your devices contact up quickly and smoothly.

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App Features

This mobile contacts backup helps users easily restore their device contacts at any time by simply opening the.vcf file with the help of Free Contacts Backup Pro application.

  • Easy to do offline backup
  • No need of synchronizing to any server
  • Feature of emailing the backup file
  • Easy to restore the backup without using any application restore
  • Tapping the *.vcf backup file into iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad Mail client as well as restoring them to contacts for FREE
  • Easy to send contacts via iOS devices utilizing the email client
  • Backup the contacts as VCF or CSV file
  • Easy to delete all contact in the address book
  • VCF backup for the sake of countless contacts

Challenges & Solutions

We have faced many challenges while developing this Backup and restore mobile app Pro. The main thing is, backing all contacts of the users without any hassle and that is quick and as smooth as possible. We did know that one user may have minimum contact data and another may have maximum, so we needed to think that all data, be it minimum or maximum can upload and retrieve smoothly from users’ end, so that they can use and rely on the app better than others. Our strong app development team has taken the project seriously and ended up with new ideas that have been given to come up with proper solutions.

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