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App Description

If you like to stimulate your senses as well as your imagination to soar with intriguing international locales, Adair Adult coloring app is one of the best for you. The Adair Adult coloring app can improve your creativity flow, when you especially like to color your dream. This book is for beginners, advanced level people and for professionals who like to keep a nice color book at their elbow.

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Coloring app for kids
Color book app features

App Features

  • A varied image of colors
  • Different types of images to embellish and make your own
  • Easy to pick the best color you like
  • Quick use of the color found in the book
  • Enhanced and Rich color picker tool integration
  • Multiple pen tools integration to show off your creativity
  • Free images to start with the app
  • Menu Screen – One place to reach us. Help, Tips, and Magnification tutorial

Challenges & Solutions

We have faced many challenges building mobile applications, because each mobile app project has different challenges. While building this app, we certainly have faced one big challenge, which is sense of color, truly the sense of colors that let users imagine soar with their intriguing international locales. Our designers and developers worked together with full potentiality and come to a sheer solution.

Coloring app solutions

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