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Battery saver mobile app development

App Description

Premium battery saver runs on Android platform a saver app, better to say a battery saver application, which is best for increasing the battery life. It is awesome because it is not only helpful at the time your mobile battery is low but also saves your battery power. It is useful for people who like to have a battery saver on the go, just in one click. When you turn it on the battery saving mode, it will enable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Volume Synchronization as well as brightness setting turn off, so it will start saving your battery.

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Battery saver application design
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App Features

  • Easy to select Battery Saving ON and or OFF mode
  • Battery saving controls at one place for quick control
  • Technical Details about the battery are also provided
  • Premium batter saver kills to speed up your mobile
  • Speed Up your Mobile and shows the available memory
  • Brightness Control
  • Bluetooth/Data/Wi-Fi toggle
  • Battery charging display
  • Battery Charging/Discharging Chart to check performance of your battery
  • Battery Charge/Discharge Graph Zoom In/Out

Challenges & Solutions

When it comes to developing mobile application, there must be some challenges, and while developing this Premium Battery Saver app we faced the same. When we developed the app in such a way that a user can check the performance of the battery using the battery charging or discharging gap just in one go, or in one click. Albeit, our app development team has had detail interaction with the client that has given enough scope to understand the project and come to a proper solution.

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