Backup & Restore Data

App Description

Backup and restore data helps you back your Android phone up as well as prevent your essential mobile date to be lost. This application not only helps you save your space of the phone by doing backup but also helps you remove some applications that are not used even and anon. This app offers the quick as well as easy way to back your Android phone up that you hardly get from other applications. In the time you need to back your phone up, you just need to open the application and take a backup of the selection you need. It backs up many things, like SMS, contacts, call logs and applications.

Contacts Backup Mobile App

Backup And Restore

App Features

Backup and restore data app or this type of contacts backup mobile app is becoming all in one application combing all kinds of backup in one app. The features are as follows.

  • This app backups on SD card
  • It helps you backup and restore from SD card
  • You can send Backups to Email
  • You can View previous back up history
  • It can shows storage usage
  • It shows Last Back up date
  • This app shows number of SMS/Contacts/Logs
  • It can restore App/SMS/Contacts/Logs from SD card
  • It can schedule Auto Backups
  • This application is very easy to use

Challanges and Solution

There are many backup and restore mobile app available in the market, one of the biggest challenges we have faced whiling developing this application is storing and retrieving the data after backing them up. And, the as much as data a user can backup easily and smoothly without any interruption. We have faced this challenge, but our client was very interactive with us and our strong development team has come up with ideas and solutions.

Mobile Contacts Backup

What Our Client Says

Our client says that we are not only a skilled application development company in India, but also a company that knows how to manage the difficult project in time. Our client was very pleased about the project done from our end and have appreciated us long time communication to execute the project and make it successful.

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