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App Description

With Action FX Extrem, a nice Action FX mobile app, you can create excellent FX scenes quickly and easily. You can select from more than one hundred Hollywood effects, which is a great thing for this Action FX Extrem. When you are using Action FX Extrem, you need to use a device camera or select a thing from its library, adjoin one or more for any effect as well as create an amazing picture. You can instantly share the picture with your colleagues or friends and share with the world to see what you have made it. It is based on Android platform.

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Action FX image creator app features

App Features

  • Good for Android based platform
  • You can choose one hundred high definitions (HD) effects of five categories
  • All are absolutely free, there is not app buying charges
  • Feature included like, positioning, zooming, rotating by finger touch and more
  • It is user friendly and smooth
  • Included the feature to share on social media, like Facebook

Challenges & Solutions

We have faced a challenge that we would like to share to all. When you started creating this nice app, we have not even though the hardly we need to overcome, not even our entire app development team thought about. It is one of the hardest apps ever made by us on Android platform, but our Android application developers did it well. The client was very reliable and did depend on us, and has given full support regarding the communication and all, and we finally came out with a solution to run this powerful amazing app.

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