Best Parking Mobile Apps to Check Before Building a Parking App

Published On: October 10, 2019
Last Updated: June 22, 2022
Best parking Apps

Every year, the total number of cars is increasing worldwide. Moreover, many people don’t like spending their time finding a parking spot to park their vehicles.

As a solution to this problem, businesses and startups have jumped into starting parking lot businesses. They are solving parking issues and generating good revenue. Then to take their business online they choose apps as people are mostly rely on their mobiles for their needs. Eventually, people across the globe have become reliant on these parking apps to find suitable parking wherever they go.

“If you are an entrepreneur and want to take advantage of this untapped market by launching a parking app, you should refer to the best parking apps for inspiration.”

We have done proper research and singled out the most popular parking mobile apps available in the market.

So, here we go:

List of 12 Best Parking Mobile Apps

Parking apps have completely changed how people find parking spots and park their vehicles. Here is the list of most popular parking mobile apps.

Let’s look at them in detail:

1. ParkMobile

ParkMobile is the fastest-growing parking mobile app in the market. It focuses on providing its services to more cities than the number of locations it serves in a particular city.

BMW acquired the ParkMobile app in January 2018, and then the app reached a user base of 22 million users in around 1000+ American and European cities. It provides its services in over 3,000 locations around the United States, such as stadiums, airports, universities, and other public spaces.


Image credit: ParkMobile

You can park using the app three ways: Park Now, Reserve Parking, or Event Parking. Moreover, it offers multiple payment options like Apple Pay, MasterPass, VisaCheckout, etc.

The app provides a “Find my car” feature which will offer directions to where you parked your automobile. Besides this, it also has a parking availability feature that displays streets with open parking spots.

Download for Android & iOS

2. BestParking

This street parking app is being featured in popular newspapers like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc. It is the best small airport parking finder app.

The street parking app instantly locates all the parking spots available in your area. It allows you to compare with other spots, prepay, and save up to 50%. It provides its services in 110 cities and around 105 North American airports in the United States. More than 850,000 people use BestParking every month.


Image credit: BestParking

BestParking connects to your preferred navigation app. After booking a spot, use your digital parking pass to access your garage or lot and park your car instantly.

Download for Android & iOS

3. ParkWhiz

ParkWhiz is an excellent alternative for small business travelers searching for a low-cost parking solution. Forbes recommends this application.

It provides a significant discount if you book for the month or a season before the time, up to 60%.


Image credit: ParkWhiz

The app is available in more than 300 cities, and it enables you to sort based on what you are looking for, such as a specific event, lot, or garage.

It allows you to compare pricing, reserve, and book your parking instantly.

Download for Android & iOS

4. Parkopedia Parking

It is the biggest parking finder app. It allows you to book a parking space in 89 countries & 15,000 cities all around the globe. The app enables you to find a parking space based on the current location or by entering the address.

Parkopedia Parking

Image credit: Parkopedia Parking

Moreover, Parkopedia follows a navigation system and guides users to reach the desired location. It provides different filtering options like free spots, credit payments, etc.

Download for Android & iOS

5. SpotHero

SpotHero is one of the most popular car parking apps available online. It allows you to save up to 50% on an ideal place in their 4,500 partner garages and more as soon as you find it. How does SpotHero find such wonderful deals?


Image credit: SpotHero

They frequently buy unused parking places at a monthly fee and garages at a deep discount, then pass along numerous offers to you. SpotHero is now compatible with Apple CarPlay. SpotHero with CarPlay allows drivers to browse, reserve, and pay for off-street parking in over 300 cities across North America without touching their phones.

Download for Android & iOS

6. PayByPhone

It is one of the best street parking apps available in the market. It serves more than 20 million registered users in 8 countries. Until now, it has transformed parking in around 300 cities.

It allows you to pay for your parking space remotely and in advance. The first login to your account to use this app enters the location number and duration. Then enter three digits on the back of your payment card to book in advance.


Image credit: PayByPhone

Using PayByPhone to pay for parking is more environmentally friendly than using cash. There are fewer automobiles on the road, which contributes to air pollution.

Moreover, it allows you to extend your time remotely and enter a new registration.

Download for Android & iOS

7. The Parking Spot

The parking spot is one of the most well-known car parking apps. This one assists you in locating parking spaces. You can use a map to find a parking spot in the desired location. Furthermore, the app allows you to make parking reservations and park your car easily.

The Parking Spot

Image credit: The Parking Spot

Constant The Parking Spot (TPS) shuttles are going on the road. Guests can view the shuttles as they approach the TPS shuttle finder, giving them peace of mind that the journey is on its way. In addition, guests can ensure that there is a seat ready for them by using the app’s reservation feature.

The Parking Spot is more than just a parking spot for your vehicle. It focuses on offering a premium customer service experience by allowing you to find a quality airport parking spot.

Download for Android & iOS

8. SpotAngels

SpotAngels is one of the best parking apps in the market. Its purpose is to assist drivers in finding parking and avoiding tickets from angels. As of now, it provides its services in more than 5000+ garages and 100+ cities.

Everyday angles post images of parking spots in these locations. Moreover, a wide range of deals is available in these locations. You can book your parking in advance and save money.


Image credit: SpotAngels

The app allows you to check-in maps about cleaning/street-side parking. Also, you can view essential details like time limits, meter hours, rates, etc.

You don’t have to worry about your car after parking. The app remembers your car’s location via Bluetooth and provides reminders in case of any street cleaning or other thing. If you don’t have Bluetooth in your car, the app gives you the option to store your location manually.

Download for Android & iOS

9. Parkman

Parkman provides its services for millions of users living in Europe and the United States.

The app allows you to find a parking spot nearby easily. You have to select the option “Park here” to park your car and the “stop parking” button to end your parking.


Image credit: Parkman

Here, you have the freedom to end the parking or extend according to the requirement. You will be charged for a particular time only.

Lastly, Parkman allows you to earn free parking for inviting users to the app.

Download for Android & iOS

10. HonkMobile

Honkmobile is one of the most trusted parking apps in North America. The app’s purpose is to provide parking spaces instantly, thus helping users save their time & money. It helps you discover over 190,000 parking sports across the United States and Canada.


Image credit: HonkMobile

The app allows you to find a parking spot based on your price and proximity and helps you save up to 50%. And the best thing is that it provides options of hourly, weekly, and monthly parking.

It allows you to locate your parking spot using the map view and park your car easily. Lastly, one great feature of HonkMobile is that it enables you to add your frequently parked spot in favorites.

Download for Android & iOS

11. JustPark parking

JustPark is one of the most well-known parking mobile apps in the UK. In London in 2006, Anthony Eskinazi founded JustPark, formerly known as ParkatmyHouse.

Over 2.5 million drivers and 45,000 parking space owners used the JustPark service in the UK in 2013. It has got a 5-star rating and a 96 percent average score from Trustpilot. The app has received various awards and is also featured in leading publications like The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, etc.

JustPark Parking

Image Credit – JustPark Parking

The parking app allows you to find parking spaces within their city or region in real-time. With JustPark, you can find parking options near your location in seconds, save money with early booking savings, and navigate to your assured spot with ease.

It provides multiple payment options. You can pay with your card, Google Pay or Apple Pay. The app also gives an option to book parking hourly/daily or monthly.

One of the best features of JustPark is that it offers automatic expiry reminders and an extension of parking with just a few clicks.

Lastly, the app gives you a golden opportunity to rent out your unused driveway, parking spot, or garage and earn money.

Download for Android & iOS

12. ParkMe

ParkMe is the largest and most accurate parking app in the world. With ParkMe, you can find and reserve the cheapest and nearest parking spots in your area. It has a database of parking spots in more than 500+ cities worldwide.


Image Credit: ParkMe

Before you park anywhere, ParkMe will show you how much parking will cost. It also displays the cost of different parking spaces in real-time on the map. Hence, you can compare the prices of different parking spaces.

The app allows you to book a parking spot at specific lots and garages in advance. Also, it gives you an option to set a timer to avoid any overstaying, overpaying, or getting a ticket.

ParkMe enables you to view daily & monthly rates for parking lots. Also, it provides the price of street parking at places it is available.

Download for Android & iOS


Parking apps that are constantly evolving to meet customers’ needs and industry trends are praised by people worldwide. Furthermore, these Parking mobile apps generate significant revenue each year.

If you are impressed with these parking apps and want to make a parking app, you can reach out to us.

Guru TechnoLabs is a mobile app development company. We have experts who have made some of the best mobile apps for clients worldwide. As a result, we’ll be able to grasp your parking app concept and help you bring it to life.

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