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School App Development – Benefits, Tips and How To

The education system is no longer the same as in the earlier days. It has undergone a lot of changes with growing competition in almost every field. The involvement between the parents and teachers with the students has increased by a manifold to make sure that an environment that is very supportive is created. Now a day the students get ample space and encouragement that he needs to grow and develop his capabilities.

The increasing digitization of every aspect of our lives has led to greater possibilities of a more effective communication system between the school, parents and the students. In today’s world where we all are surrounded by technology; mobile applications are very common.

In fact, in bigger institutions like universities or colleges, having an application can be of great help to the students and teachers where a lot of information regarding the school or university can be fetched. Numerous apps have been developed to enhance this communication system.

The various types of apps that can be developed for an enhanced communication system and better functioning of the educational institution can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Parent and teacher app
  • School and teacher app
  • Teacher and student app
  • Student forum app
  • Education app or learning app
  • Vocational app hosted by the school
  • Billing app
  • School or university infrastructure app

Let us have a look at some of the benefits of having a school app:

Faster communication between school and teachers

Having an app with the feature that will allow the school authorities and the teacher to communicate with each other fast will reduce the time required to inform about any changes in the agenda for the day. The teachers too can notify the school of any situation that they may be facing be it within the school or outside. This would save time and would be much faster.

Easier management of school system

Easier management of school system

The school can manage the administration of the system much better if an app allows the authorities not only to communicate with the teachers but also give them the access to other employees who help in the other management function of the school like the billing section, the maintenance, security and the stationery division.

Instant communication between school and parents

Instant communication between school and parents

The process to notify the parents of any upcoming meeting or changes in the school agenda can be done very easily by an app. This will also allow an active participation of the parents in the development of the child, so he/she can reach his/her true potential. Moreover, you can be notified instantly of any emergency-of your children as well. In fact, you, the parents can keep track of the school buses to make sure that your children have reached their school or home safely. Live positioning of the school bus on way to home is also very helpful.

Faster communication between school and students

The students can easily keep up to date with all the activities in the school including upcoming exams and assignments. This will make sure that the student is not missing on any important activity or deadline for submissions. Also, the information on the workshops can be updated so that the students with interest on the subject matter does not miss out on the opportunity to attend it. The app will help bridge the gap is any.

Bulletin board replacement

Every school has a bulletin board that it pins up its new notifications on, although not all students might go and read what’s being displayed on it. Having an app instead of the bulletin board can make sure that all the students are informed of any announcements that the school must make and has never the chance of missing it.

Education assistance

Education assistance

Students can benefit immensely if there is an education app that the school runs. This will not only give the students the access to new links that to get more information on any subject matter but also give them the facility to go back to the lectures that were delivered which would make sure that they have not missed out on any portion. Moreover, students can keep track of assignments and even upload their work for future reference. Interactive apps can actually make learning fun and encourage students to study more. Having an education app can also be beneficial in cases where the student due to various reasons cannot make it to class. He can have access to the class curricula anytime and from anywhere without disturbing his friends to gather information on missed lectures.

Easy communication within the school campus among students

There are many activities that the student body organizes for the benefit of fellow students. Having an app makes the communication and announcement of these activities much easier making sure that a larger number of students are made aware of the activities. School apps can also help new students make friends on the campus or be part of groups that cater to their interest like for example group studies, curricular activities like theater or music. Having an app can help a new student to identify groups with common interest and be a part of it which will also help in encouraging new talents.

Vocational and career guidance

There are a plethora of career opportunities other than the classical medical and engineering field. Students and parents can be informed about the various fields that are available along with the information of institutions to apply or courses that can be taken on the campus.

Maintaining communication with Alumni

The students that have passed out of the school and are well settled in a career path can be a valuable asset to the school. It is not just as a matter of promoting their effectiveness but also in the possibilities of acquiring opportunities for their existing students.

Easy payment of fees

A school app with a payment gateway can be of immense help to parents and students to make payments of school fees and sign up for new courses. This will not only unify and simplify the process of making payments but also offer valuable information on deadlines of payments, courses offered and fee structures.

Mapping of school grounds

Mapping of school grounds

Mapping of school grounds can be very helpful for big educational institutions. It may become difficult for freshers to locate the building where their next class is or where the library or office is. An app providing a map of the school or university with real-time tracking can be of great help to the freshmen and also to visiting faculties and parents.

Results and school curriculum

Results can be declared in the apps making sure that everyone has easy access to it avoiding the huge crowd that gathers in front of the result boards. The school curriculum too can be uploaded in the app which will ensure that everyone has a copy of the curriculum on hand all the time.

Apart from the benefits, if you own a school and you are looking at the possibilities of developing a school app then there are several things that you may need to consider before you venture into the field. Here are some of the points that you will need to decide on:

Who will be the end users of the app

The first thing that you need to consider is who will be using the app that you want to develop. Will it be an app to promote easy communication between the school and the parents or will be the school and teachers or students. Keeping the end user in mind the app will be structured with the various pages and fields that can be of interest to the user and this way it will help you to be more specific to the end users.

What matter will be discussed in the app

This is another factor that you need to consider. Say if the app was developed for communication between parents and teachers then there can be various fields to consider. It can be an easy way to inform parents about school agenda, or home works, leave applications, education, career or individual development of the students.


The features of the app will decide how engaging and user-friendly the app is. You will need to decide on what features will be available on the app based on the end user. If it is for the students having multiple features, it will assist the students to keep a track of their studies and other activities within the campus. If it is for a school and parent app then the number of features will be relatively less. The size of the app will depend largely on the features that you select to have on the app.


The app needs to be compatible in various operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Android. This will make sure that the app can be used by anyone from any device be it a laptop at work or in class or on a mobile phone with any operating system.

Size of the app

The size of the app is also very important because that will determine how much space it will take up on the phone or on the laptop. If it’s too large then there is a very good possibility that not all the targeted users might download the app.

The budget for the school app development

This is the most important factor as you will need to determine the amount that you are willing to spend on the making of the app and then post installation the amount that would be required in the maintenance and its upkeep.

After having decided on the above-mentioned factors you can now go ahead and select the educational app development agency that will help you structure the app that you have in mind. There are numerous agencies in the market that specializes in the field of app development. But it is best that you always select an agency that already has prior experience in developing school apps. Here is what you look for when you are on the lookout to hire an agency


Hire an agency that already has a reputation in the market. You can easily find that out online and by the reviews and comments on their website pertaining to their work.

Team size

make sure that the agency you hire has a good team size so that the app can be designed and delivered on time.


Check the profile of the agency online to see how many apps they have developed in a similar field for other clients. Check their client base. If they don’t have the information available online you can always ask them about it.

Customer service

This is an important factor. You need to make sure that the agency you decide on has a good customer service team so that once you have given them the project to develop the app you can stay in touch to know the status. Effective communication is not just required during the developing process but also post development and installation. A constant maintenance is required once the app is installed to monitor any issues that it may face.

As you have seen from the above discussions, mobile apps for school or bigger educational institutions like universities and colleges are up-coming and can be of tremendous help to students to keep track of their studies and the school activities, especially in bigger institutions. It’s a great way for the school administration to communicate with its students and teachers in a fast and effective way. It saves time and also makes sure that everyone gets the update. Parents too can keep a track of the school activities and in case of any emergency situations, it can be very helpful to locate and get guidance. Mobile apps for education institutions are a need of the hour providing a unified platform for communication.

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