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Benefits of having Mobile App for Travel Agency

The travel industry has grown exponentially over the last few years. Mobile app for travel agency has given a new direction for enriched customer service in the travel industry.

If you are well aware of today’s travel industry, then you must believe the statistical numbers.

  • The direct contribution of Travel & Tourism to GDP was USD2,570.1bn (3.2% of total GDP) in 2017, and is forecast to rise by 4.0% in 2018, and to rise by 3.8% pa, from 2018-2028 to USD3,890.0bn (3.6% of total GDP) in 2028. (Source – TRAVEL & TOURISM ECONOMIC IMPACT 2018 )
  • Another dependable statistical data was released by UNWTO i.e. United Nation World Tourism Organization states that international tourist arrivals have rapidly increased up to 1.3 billion in 2019.

These two figures are beyond doubt sufficient to indicate that the travel, as well as tour business, has a prospering and profitable future for sure. You should improve customer loyalty for your travel business by serving ease to your customers.

Technology Lifted the Travel Industry

travel mobile app solutions

Technology has played a pivotal role in face lifting of the landscape of travel and tourism. A Mobile app for travel agency is one of them. You should thank the manageable mobile apps and professional travel app development company who are making the app and presenting to you to boost your travel business, which has made an extraordinary change in the travel sector.

Surely, planning for a dream vacation with the family members or friends was not that much simple and quick prior to the advent of these travel applications.

There was a time when people used to depend on the travel outfitters to make proper arrangements for their trip. Those days, fortunately, had many trouble to execute the travel. Nowadays, the changing scenario, the majority of travel outfitters or tour operators have developed their own travel applications, as such, they keep on providing attractive discounts as well as other facilities so as to woo more and more potential travellers.

You could have used many applications that are a special mobile app for travel agency. It estimates that about 85% of people make use of the travel applications while planning for a holiday trip.

Therefore, if you are in the business of tours and travels, it is beyond doubt high time, you should get your travel application from a trusted travel application development company and launch it to stay afloat in the business.

Why The Travel Mobile Apps Are Necessary for Your Tour and Travel Business

Easy to Attract Customers

Travellers like to get in touch with big guns, example Expedia, Americal Airlines succeed consistently in drawing travellers by offering attractive deals, coupons as well as vouchers on their applications. A travel application would help you reach your customers round the clock to provide them with the best facilities. The best part of using travel mobile apps is that you do not need a guide or a manual, which spares you a considerable measure of time.

People Rarely Forget Their Smartphone

You may forget a map, ticket or other things. A smartphone can not be forgotten easily. This means that a smartphone is one of the best things to have during a trip. Hope you know that Google Play Store, as well as Apple Store, is flooded with travel applications to make your tour simple and free of stress.

Large Variety of Business Involved

The travel industry is comprised of more than just accommodation. It also combines with transportation business, nightlife and much, much more. You could have come across many different applications, like transportation, destination applications, convenience, events, hotels and restaurants, entertainment etc. For instance entertainment and leisure, an activity is always on the top of the list in the time people plan their tour. The majority of hotel accommodations nowadays have also included entertainment shows as a part of their programs. You should include as many facilities as possible in your application to grab more audience automatically.

Better Interaction

Better interaction is possible when you think about some important things, such as, provision of customized services, improved customer understanding, reduced paperwork, streamline the transaction, 24×7 connectivity, improved user-experience, new channels to increase the user-base, integration of other services and easy access to the deals and offers.

Better interaction is the must for any mobile app. For doing this, one must implement user experience technologies in travel mobile application.

Apps Make Booking Process Easier & Faster

travel booking app development

One of the prominent reasons why most of the holiday or travel lovers use travel apps is because they can make their booking or cancellation process easier, faster, transparent and automatic using one application only. A tourist can avail all the facilities like booking the tickets before reaching the spot, hotel or motel reservation for the sake of accommodation at pocket-friendly tariffs, booking a cab or taxi service for sightseeing, exploring the local sightseeing to visit in one application.

A tourist does not have to open any other application separately for all of their travelling schedules. Tourist will easily be able to manage bookings and payment transactions through one application and that’s what we call the great experience with a travel agency.

Live Weather Updates For Destination

You can adjoin some bonus features into your application such as providing information about live weather updates particularly at hill stations, if there is a change in the location very frequently over there, because most of the tourists or travelers want to know that and only a travel mobile app can do that, due to the reason these days mobile app for travel industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

The tourist will come to know in advance if it fits to visit the location or not. You can also give information about the well-known hotels, motels or restaurants or other places that serve the local renowned cuisines at the same time.

Want To Make Travel App For Your Agency?

Last, but certainly not the least, travel sector has immeasurable opportunities, with the advancement of information technology, especially the Travel Booking Application Development, which is reaching for latest horizons on a regular basis. Latest technologies like Alexa, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality etc can be integrated into the mobile applications to provide an extraordinary experience to your customers. It is never ending and always growing technology for travel business.

Technologies can be one of the most critical components in the travel business for obtaining a competitive advantage. A planned and user-friendly travel application can definitely help boost your travel business. Contact us to know more about making a travel app for your travel agency.

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