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Medical App Development

The healthcare system has seen drastic changes in just a few years. It is not just the change in management of the healthcare system that has taken a corporate turn, but the increase in the use of digital technology that has changed the medical care and support that a patient gets. This has led to a new level of service and experience that a patient gets while getting the much-needed treatment. Mobile applications have become a part of human life and in it, having an application dedicated only for medical purpose is surely an advantage.

Benefits of medical apps

Benefits of medical apps

Healthcare services have moved into a new era of digitization with numerous medical apps being developed.  These apps can be personal to the patient only or an interactive one between the patient and the provider. Medical apps help in providing the constant flow of information that is so much required for a patient suffering from a particular condition. These apps are designed to respond to a query and provide the step by step care and information that may be required by the user. These apps are easy to use and can be installed on all smartphones so that user always has access to the service at the tip of his fingers.

Many medical apps provide multiple services on a common platform so that user just has to access his app to in order to perform any one of the services. For example, an app that provides information about diabetes and a diet plan which is accompanied by the option to buy medicines or healthcare products related to diabetes. All these services in one app allow the user to get the assistance related to diabetes in all aspects.

When in doubt over something related to the medical condition the patient does not need to travel to health care center to consult the doctor. The easy availability of information and the two-way communication with the provider helps the user avoid visits to the healthcare centers frequently.

Medical apps can be divided into two main categories:

Medical apps for patients

Medical apps for patients

There are numerous medical apps that have been developed for the benefit of the patients.

There is a growing popularity of the medical apps that allow for personal treatment of the patient by the provider. These apps help the patients in monitoring their health, managing their diet, treatment, scheduling doctor’s appointments, and tests.

Here are some of the common medical apps for patients:

  • Apps for chronic conditions: These are healthcare apps for patients that are condition specific like apps designed for people suffering from Cancer, diabetes, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, post-operative care, etc.
  • Weight loss apps: These apps are focused on weight tracking and calorie counting for people who want to lose weight.
  • Medication tracking app: These apps help patients in keeping track of the medications that they need to take.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth apps: These apps help the expecting parents to keep a track of the progress of the pregnancy and to track the development of the baby during each stage.
  • Apps to find doctors and schedule appointments: These apps help the users to locate a doctor and schedule appointments online
  • Apps for online consultations: There are apps that help users to consult doctors online instead of going to a clinic which may not be always possible.
  • Mental health Apps: These apps help the users to deal with stress relief and mental disorders like depression.
  • Clinical assistance apps: These apps help the users with information on HER, PHR, LIMS, HIMS etc.

Medical apps for doctors

Medical apps for doctors

Here are some of the common medical apps that are used by doctors

  • e-prescription app with access to information on medicines as well: The e-prescription app helps the medical practitioner to issue a prescription and manage records of the patients.
  • Electronic Medical Record app: This app helps the doctors to keep a record of the patients and keep a track of the clinic schedules.
  • Nursing apps: These apps help in scheduling patient visits, tracking and storing medical records.
  • Chronic care management app for doctors: This app helps in easy access to diagnostic and therapeutic tools with a possibility of remote monitoring of vitals of patients suffering from a chronic condition.
  • Apps that update doctors on the medical news and new drugs: These apps give updated news on new medical research, diagnosis, new drugs, and techniques. This helps the doctors to keep abreast of the ever-changing and expanding medical field.
  • Apps that help primary health care providers: These apps are for the primary health care providers and clinicians to identify the medical guidance required for a patient.
  • Apps on drug information: These apps help the doctors to get information on existing drugs with details on components and side effects. It also helps with the information on new drugs on the market.
  • Interactive apps for doctors: These apps are designed for doctors to be able to communicate with their peers over a case or to refer a current case and share details pertaining to the case.

The medical field is expanding daily with new services being provided to the patients to enhance the experience and retain loyalty. This is opening up more avenues of developing apps to make it feasible to access information by the end user. The worldwide download of medical apps has been in billions in the last 4 years and is expected to grow further in market value in the coming years. This is a good reason to look at the prospect of developing a medical app that could not only benefit the end user but also be beneficial for the developer.

Things to consider while developing a medical app:

Things to consider while developing a medical app:
  • While considering a medical app development the main thing to consider is the end user. Once you have determined the end user you can structure the app with the features that would be beneficial for this end user.
  • The next step is to identify which field this app covers, will it be treatment specific, health and lifestyle, drugs and prescription, diagnostics etc. The interface will have to be designed depending on the choice that you make.
  • Once you have decided on the field that the app will be made on, you will need to decide on the features that you would want the app to have and the features that the end user would find feasible.
  • The features will determine the type of security that the app will need. In case the app has a payment gateway and requires personal details to use than the level of security has to be more.
  • The most important would be to determine the budget that you are willing to spend to have the app developed and marketed

A good mobile medical app should be safe and secure to make sure the data of the user is not misused or compromised. The app should have data synchronization across various devices. It should be easy to install and navigate and have a nice interface.

A quick market survey or search on the internet will give you an idea about the features that an end user will prefer and what are the trends in the new medical apps that are popular in the market. Some of the popular medical apps in the market are Medscape, ZocDoc, baby center, life sum etc.

There are various mobile app development agencies that can help you with the development of the app. You can select the agency that has a prior experience of developing an app and work with them to structure its features. You need to make sure that the agency will not only help in developing the app but also take on the responsibility of its maintenance post the installation.

With the change in the lifestyle of people and the easy access to a smartphone and network that everyone has, mobile apps have become very popular. The privacy and easy access to information relating to a medical condition or health that a medical app offers are making it an obvious choice for many.

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