How To Manage Long Term Relationships With International Clients

How To Manage Long Term Relationships With International Clients


For any organization that provides a service or products to customers, the act of finding, targeting and getting new customers is always going to be among its top priorities.

Smart businesses know that the first purchase is really just the starting phase and that the real business value lies in retaining that customer.

A business is just as good as the customers it serves, and no business gets far after losing the customers it has.

The smart key is managing long-term relationships that go beyond one-time projects and provide value to these customers on a continuous, ongoing basis.

Money can’t buy one of the most important things you need to promote your business relationships.

So the first question comes in mind how do customer relationships drive your business?

It’s all about finding new people who believe in your services or products.

If you found it comes to tracking these people down, you have two ways:

You can do all the legwork yourself and spend big marketing dollars. But it’s not a good thing. Because you want to drive your business into new territory, but every step is hard and expensive.

So here is also another less painful and potentially more profitable way…..

You will have relationships with people who don’t only understand your expertise, services or products but who are excited and buzzing about what you do. You stay connected with them and give them respect and value, and they will touch other people who can benefit your business.

Tips For Manage International Clients:

There are no such things as over-communication

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Pay attention to time zones

Take care of your customer’s time zones by checking an online tool like the World Clock, which informs you the current time in countries around the world. Pre-arrange a time that works for both of you. Don’t just pick up the cell to call your client in London, or you might wake him up in the middle of a good night’s sleep.

Be a useful resource

If you offer more value, your client comes to depend on you. Don’t hesitate to share information clients may find useful, whether or not it benefits you in any kind. In the same respect, Avoid from bombarding them with irrelative news or gossip, and don’t bother them with offers you know won’t likely interest them.

Be honest at all times

No long-term relationship survives if the two parties aren’t loyal to each other. In addition to offering a service or product your client needs, your chief responsibility is to be open and honest in all of your business transactions. Even telling “little bit lie” about why you failed to return a phone call can damage your reputation. Without a reputation for integrity, you will never be able to cultivate the kind of long-term relationships your business depends on.

Work out a payment plan in advance

Paypal transfer or wire transfer is best for your foreign payments: just make sure you know what processing fees are involved, and adjust a particular country, you may want to set up a foreign currency balance in your bank account so you will not need to pay currency conversion fees.

Take extra care when interpreting emails and other communications

Whether or not if your client is from an English-speaking country, so take care differences in language and local slang. If you are not certain exactly what your client is telling your or asking for, so make sure to ask for further clarification via email, stating what you think the client is telling, then asking whether your interpretation is correct.

Always meet your deadlines

“Your word is your Promise” should be a guiding principle in all of your client relationships. By committing to a deadline, you relieve the client of the worry that a vital service or product not be ready in time to meet his or her requirements.

Specify your currency request

When you quote for a project, make sure to tell your clients what currency you want to be paid in. You may consider asking for U.S. dollars only; you could also customize your rates according to your client’s currency.

Look out legal issues

Talk with an attorney before signing a contract with a foreign client so you know you will be legally protected if anything goes wrong.

Pay attention to cultural differences

Before working with an international client, do some research on their local customs and etiquette.

Eliminate surprises

No one likes to be surprised when their livelihood is at stake. You pledge to always follow through on your commitments, keep clients in the loop on all developments affecting the project work they have hired you to finish.

Think of clients as more than just “clients”

A client is more than just a revenue stream; they have like or dislike preferences for how to do business, issues, and concerns. The more you can identify with a client as a person, rather than as a chance to get money, the stronger the promise between you will grow.

Reward your loyal clients

Reward your clients with exclusive discounts.

E-mail marketing keeps relationships strong on a shoestring budget

E-mail marketing is a cost-effective and easy way to stay on customers’ mind, cultivate their confidence in your expertise, and retain them. And it’s viral: contacts and customers who find what you do catching or valuable will forward your e-mail message or newsletter to other people, just like word of mouth marketing.

Reward your loyal customers, and they will reward you

Just remember that if you don’t keep in touch with your clients, your competitors will.

Loyal customers are your best salespeople

The only way they can say,” Wow, I met somebody who’s really good at XYZ. You should give a call”, is if they remember you. Then your clients become your sales force.


At last, should not misbehave with your valuable customers. They are the most important in your revenue generating.
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