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How Low-Quality Logo Design Affects Your Business Start-Up?

Do you know what a killer idea for Start-Ups the new business? A killer business plan can help the business person turn it into a successful business. It’s not easy task creating a well-crafted business plan, however. Before starting your business, you have a deep understanding of the different aspects of running a business. You will not need to only flesh out your business ideas. There are a collection of business plan templates, Apps, Software, and Services to help your new startup a business the right way with a professional business plan. Business Growth blog post

But my suggestion is that you have to choose first your Business name and Business logo.

Logo Represents Company’s Identity:

The Logo makes company’s first image and impression. Give an answer to my question: “How many branded, leading & well-known companies don’t have their own professional logo design?” If your company doesn’t have effective logo design then it can raise doubts and negative thoughts. Don’t do create company logo by a non-professional designer.
There is a popular question is that why company logo should be custom? If the company logo is created using of a clip-art or premade graphics elements from the public collection it may look like be identical to other logos or even your competitors ‘logos. This will make an impression of your business difficult or your logo may be easily copied or mixed up with logo of another company. This situation may harm your business reputation and money invested in business marketing and your business brand will be wasted.


Your own logo is the foundation of your business brand and image building campaigns. It enables your potential customers and target market to recognise your business.
However, it can happen only if your company logo has a few effective qualities, otherwise, it will only be a mere image that no one will take notice of.

Quality of a Good Logo Design:

So, what are the qualities that can make your logo stand out and grab the attention of your target market? Remember that your logo has to be attractive, unique and effective. If your logo doesn’t well, no one will bother to it. To grab the attention your business market, it has to be attractive. Your logo must be unique so it builds your own business image in a different way. It should also be attractive and make people take notice of it. It should convey the message of your business clearly.

So, now What if…… your logo designs fail to achieve all these things? That will show so bad impression of your business.

Let’s now I discuss the consequences of a bad logo design

1. A Low-Quality Logo Design Can Distort Your Business Image:

A low-quality logo design doesn’t represent your business correctly and it plays a big role in destroying the image of your business. If the viewers are not able to find out what your logo represents, then they will make all make sorts of assumptions. So as a result, your business marketing campaign will become a sign of disaster for you and you won’t be able to fix the low- quality image that it will create.

2. A Low-Quality Logo Design Can Have A Negative Impact On Your Business:

No any businessman wants to convey a wrong message through their logo. But, if your business logo conveys a wrong or negative message like makes fun of a group, shows hatred against a country, promotes racism, then it will have a negative impression on your business and you may never be able to recover from again.

3. A Low-Quality Logo Can Slowly & Silently Damage Your Business progress:

Many times businesses pay attention to all different type of business details if their products or sales are not up to the mark, but they don’t realise that their poor logo which is causing them trouble. They continue to use and scrape their head that why in the world all their work efforts seem to be useless. This can become harmful to your business, but it’s a shocking fact that a many businesses still don’t take their own logo design solemnly.

4. Cheap Logo Design Cost vs. Redesign Cost.

In Start-ups Many Business Persons try to save money by spending very less. Because of their limited budget, they don’t want to spend more money on their logo design. And then this is why they hire a cheap logo designer. After sometime they realise that their logo is not helping because it doesn’t look professional logo. So, they again will search for another an expensive designer and end up paying more than they would have by initially hiring a right designer. Hiring a cheap logo designer in the starting will really cost you more in the future.

5. Your Branding Efforts Will Backfire:

After designing a logo, businesses start to print on their business cards, banners, posters, letterhead, mugs, etc. to promote their business via different purposes. However, when you end up redesigning your logo due to cheap quality, you have to get rid of all the stationery that has your logo imprinted on. You will end up losing hundreds of dollars, not thousands. Plus also your business marketing campaign with a cheap logo design will also backfire you will ruin your business image.

The purpose of writing this article to suggest those startup businesses who doesn’t know the importance of the logo design for business success. After Reading this article you will realise that how much importance of effective logo in making brand image of business success.

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