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Latest trends in retail application development

Digital technology is changing at a rapid pace and if you want to ensure that the retail application you are planning to develop gives you the desired result, then you need to use the latest trends in retail application development.

In this article, we will like to give you some trends that are changing the face of retail mobile applications. These changing technologies in mobile app development give you more power and ability to engage with your customers in a very personalized way.

Latest technologies in mobile application development allow you to provide a tailor-made solution for your customers need which in turn improves the brand loyalty of your company among your targeted audience resulting in more sales and profits.

New revolutionary changes in retail application development

Mobile inventory management

Mobile inventory management

Mobile inventory management gives you an enormous advantage in managing your huge inventory so that you can provide your customers with a fantastic service by keeping your stock at an optimum level.

Mobile inventory management can be used as an important part of app eCommerce mobile application development process due to its many advantages. For perfect mobile inventory management you need Guidance for ecommerce app development and that will help you to develop best ecommerce app.

Some of these advantages are given below.

  • It offers flexibility as the Mobile inventory management software can be easily downloaded by your employees on to their smartphones to keep a check of various inventory remotely.
  • Another important advantage of Mobile inventory management is that you do not have to spend money on new hardware requirements. If there is any change in technology than all you have to do is upgrade your software.
  • Compared to the traditional model of inventory management system, the mobile management system is easy to set up and it is also simple enough to train your employees in using it quickly.
  • Mobile inventory management system helps your employees to keep track of all the inventory remotely. They can look at the stock levels, tracking products and asset verification in a real-time remotely. This will give your company an advantage of quickly finding out which inventory is currently at a sub-optimal level so that you can place an order for that swiftly to replenish your stock. It will help you to provide the best possible service to your customer thereby gaining their loyalty towards your online retail store.

Augmented reality to improve the retail mobile app experience

Augmented reality to improve the retail mobile app experience

Augmented reality or AR has revolutionized the online retail buying experience. It allows the customers to experience in real life shopping in the virtual world.

Many retailers are using augmented reality in their eCommerce mobile app to improve the shopping experience of their customers resulting in improving repeat buyer’s numbers significantly.

Some of the uses that augmented reality allow a retail owner can do are as follows:

  • Retailers also use augmented reality to help the customer’s try the product to see how it will look on them. For example, an individual can choose different make-ups and use them on a virtual portrait to see how different shades will look in real life.
  • It allows the customer to have a 360° view of the product they wish to buy.
  • A person can try clothes on their body virtually with the help of augmented reality.

Use of point of sale mobility in eCommerce storefront application

Use of point of sale mobility in eCommerce storefront application

As an online retail store if you wish to provide more services to your customers, then the point of sale or POS would be an excellent addition to your retail mobile app. POS has many advantages that allow the retail owners to not only provide enhanced services to their customers but also improve their ROI considerably.

Here we will like to share with you some of the advantages that POS integration with your retail mobile app provides.

  • Earlier, integration of POS in retail business meant a big investment in the hardware, However, with the help of advanced cloud computing, this system can be offered at a very competitive cost.
  • POS can be integrated with the Mobile inventory system to provide you with several inventory management features like automated stock alerts and item counts that will help you never miss a sale due to the absence of inventory from your stock.
  • It allows you to interact with a number of customers at the same time thereby increasing their engagement with your app significantly. This helps in not only retaining the existing customer base but also attracting new ones through word of mouth advertisement.

Wearable apps

Wearable apps

Nowadays, people are using smart wearable devices to stay in contact with the world even while they’re on the move.

Smart watches and smart spectacles integrated with iOS orAndroid platform allow an individual to connect with the Internet and access several services just by their voice or touch.

If you want to target these high-value individuals, then you need to make sure that the e-commerce mobile app that your company is developing is well synchronized with these smart gadgets.

This will not only improve your brand image but also help you to reach out to a niche audience.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce App Development Solutions

Use of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce App Development Solutions

Artificial intelligence can play a very important part in improving the buying experience of an individual through your native mobile app.

If you want to retain your customers, then you need to provide them with a better experience and what better way to do it than the artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence through chat box or virtual assistants can help answer the queries of your online customers on a real-time basis.

This engagement with your customers helps them to make up their mind, know about a product in greater detail and find a solution to any problem they might face while navigating your app.

This will improve the brand loyalty among your customer which in turn will help you to not only retain them but also get new customers as people advertise your app with their friends or other social groups.

Location-based services in retail mobile applications

Location-based services in retail mobile applications

Location-based services are extremely important if you want to provide some extra information to your customers when they are near your brick and mortar store.

If you have an off-line store and want to connect with your customers in a more personalized way then we suggest that you invest in e-commerce mobile app development with geolocation services.

Geolocation has a great potential of offering better services to your customers who are using your e-commerce mobile app.

Some of the advantages of using geolocation services for retail businesses are given below.

  • Geolocation services will help you a great deal in real-time marketing. You can offer your services to the customers when they are actually looking for it. This way you can improve your conversion rate spectacularly by informing them about any new product, discount, services or news that they can get from your retail store.
  • Geolocation also allows you to collect data about how many people have come to a particular area. And how many among them have made use of the discount your company has offered them through the app. This will give you an idea of what new strategy you must adapt to improve your sales.

Customer loyalty program through the eCommerce storefront app

Customer loyalty program through the eCommerce storefront app

You can use e-commerce mobile app to give some special offer to your loyal customers so that you can retain them in the fiercely competitive marketplace where every newcomer will like to target your customer base to sell their products.

A loyal customer will like to stay with your business to buy product or services that he needs if he realizes that you are there to meet all his service demands and give his choices the respect they deserve.

Your eCommerce mobile app allows you to provide a personalized reward for any purchases he made through your app.

You can design the reward program in such a way that the more a customer buys through your mobile app the more reward points he gets which you can encash through your app to buy some goods from your store.

Your dedicated mobile app also allows you to provide your loyal customers with real-time offers on the product of their choice. This will help you to retain your customer base.

IOT services through retailer app

IOT services through retailer app

IOT in retail industry is the next big thing that is going to happen in the retail sector. IOT allows you to control several home appliances like the air-conditioner, televisions, room heater, lights, fans and so on remotely through an app.

If your retail online site sells white goods, then you should explore the possibility of providing your customers with some enhanced experience by incorporating IOT services in your mobile app itself to control various household appliances through their sensors.

Use of Block chain to improve your retail business

Blockchain technology can be used to great advantage to improve certain aspects of running your online retail store.

Blockchain allows you to include a secure transaction of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in your business transactions. This will help you to sell products to those niche audiences who like to make online transactions through it bitcoin only.

Omnichannel experience in retailers app

In this highly competitive marketplace if a retailer has to successfully retain his customer base then he needs to invest in omnichannel experience through your retailer’s app.

Nowadays, customers have a wide gamut of channels through which they can buy a product online. If you want to successfully target these highly mobile persons then you need to provide them with the omnichannel buying experience.

The omnichannel experience can include selling through the kiosk, online retail, and call centers.

Your mobile app can become an integral part of your omnichannel marketing strategy wherein use of the mobile app to reach out to our large audience.

Cloud computing for online application

Cloud computing for online application

Cloud computing can play a very important part in your eCommerce mobile application development process by not only reducing its cost but also making it faster.

Additionally, if you use cloud computing to develop your retail app then it will also reduce the time to load data which in turn will give nicer experience to your customers.

Cloud computing also allows you to offer a better mobility solution to your customers.

Nowadays, the boundaries between smartphones, a desktop, laptops, wearable, and other smart devices are vanishing.
People like to experience seamless services across their devices. Cloud computing allows you to provide this kind of service to your customer, thereby not only improving your brand image but also increasing the number of repeat customers.

Providing different payment options for your customers

Providing different payment options for your customers

People using online transactions like to have different payment options for any purchases they made online. These could include COD, Internet banking, credit card, debit card, mobile wallets and cryptocurrencies among others.

If you want to reach out to a large number of people then it is important that you provide a wide gamut of payment options that are totally secure.

This will help you to prevent any situation wherein a person tries to leave your retail store for non-availability of their favourite payment option.

Enhanced security in your retail store

Data security is one of the most important parts of the eCommerce app development process.

You have to ensure that all the data related to your customers like their geographical location, their profile, their buying pattern, and their banking information are kept safe and secure.

Data breaches one of the most important elements that any customer worry about. If you are able to convince them about the tight data security procedure you follow, then their loyalty towards your E retail business will grow and you will be able to retain them and get their repeat orders.

To improve security, you can make use of hard to break passwords for your clients that include numbers, upper and lowercase alphabets and special characters.

Make use of SSL encryption to secure your online app from any prying eyes.

The security of your app also of depends upon what kind of platform you have chosen to make the app.

These are some of the latest trends that are sweeping the online retail app development process to make the app’s more functional, easy to operate and safe from any prying eyes. If you add these trends to your retail mobile app than you are more likely to be successful in attracting customers to your retail business.

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