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Importance of an Animated Business Explainer Video

When you are developing a website, then you need to do a lot of research on the subject relevant to your website.

You mustanalyse the information you have sourced and then write them in a concise manner so that the viewer finds it easy to read.

However, experts researching on people’s reading behaviour has found out that in many cases, viewers do not go through the text displayed on the website as they find it tedious.

This has serious implications if you want to attract viewers for some action when they visit your website.
Researchers have also found out that people are more attracted towards the visual form compared to the textual form of information.

In other words, if you provide the same information through a sleekly crafted video or animation than the conversion rate may go as high as 80%.

This immense benefit has prompted many companies to invest in animated explainer videos to explain their message through images, animations and videos.

It does not matter whether you have a small business, you are a freelancer or even run a big multinational company, every business needs proper messaging to improve their brand recognition.

For any marketing expert, there are two major steps involved in any successful marketing campaign, which includes, attracting the target audience and converting them into active buyers.

To help them in achieving both goals, videos made especially for marketing purpose can be very helpful.
In this article, we will like to explain the reason and benefit behind the increased usage of businessexplainer videos.


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There are numerous reasons due to which online businesses rely on explainer videos to explain their ideas to the viewers.

Some of these reasons are explained below for you.

1. It helps you to explain something in a more interesting way

Web designers, marketing and SEO experts are increasingly using videos on the website due to the inherent advantages that this medium brings to the table.

Explaining something complicated can become very easy if you use videos, graphics or animations.

It has been observed that people are more likely to believe something if they see it rather than something that they read about.

This is an important point for the marketing experts, which makes business explainer videos so popular in their scheme of things.

2. It allows you to engage more effectively with people

Video as a medium is credited with much better engaging experience compared to written articles.

Even the laziest of the viewers who find it difficult to go through a big article have no problem in finding the time and effort to listen to the same messaging in a short and interesting video.

Audio and video medium are always more attractive in not only improving the traffic to a website but also making sure that the viewers stay longer there.

3. Google always gives more weightage to videos

Google lays a lot of emphasis on images, videos and animations for ranking purposes.

As Google is the biggest search engine in the world, so if it gives more weightage for videos on a website that can affectits ranking, then it would be wise to include multimedia content for better brand promotion.

Google earns a huge amount of revenue through lead conversions and clicks which is why it attaches so much importance to video content on your website.

4. It improves the conversion ratio

Marketing experts vouch for the effectiveness of video content. It has been observed that if a website has animated explainer videos than the rate of conversion increases significantly.

The reason behind the increased conversion rate is due to the fact that people love to watch short video.

This helps the marketing team to let them stay on a website for a longer period, giving the opportunity to convert them into buyers.

5. More sales, leading to improved profitability

As mentioned before, explainer videos are very effective in improving the conversion rate of a website.

And as more people buy goods from a website, it leads to improved profit margin for the company.

6. Increased click through

Posting videos on the website that explains a subject matter in simpler terms, along with the link to buy that product is a great way to improve the click-through rate.

As any viewer who has entered your webpage through the click-throughroute is a serious buyer as he is actively looking for your product or comparing it with its competitors.

This is the reason why the conversion of such click-through is very high.

7. Easy to promote marketing messages

Videos are an important tool for online marketing. The reason being a video message is easy to remember.

This ensures that the message you want to send with the help of a video is more effective and longer lasting than a message through simple text.

8. Videos help in improving the search

Researches on different marketing techniques have shown that if you integrate videos in your website, then the search result for that website increases dramatically.

Experts have concluded that,if you send an email with a video attachment, then the chances of clicking of that marketing email is significantly higher than an email without such attachment.

9. It helps to improve brand awareness

Videos are a greatmultimedia tool through which you can promote an idea and sell it to your targeted audience.

A well-crafted video is an excellent way to tell the viewer what your company stands for and what are the major USPs of its products.

10. Videos are great for SEO strategies

For any website to improve its visibility, it must use effective SEO strategies.

Almost all search engines give a lot to greater weightage to a website with video contents than one which does not have any such videos.

The greater weightage a website gets, the higher ranking it will achieve in any organic search engine result.

11. Videos help you to build trust with your viewers

Most people nowadays do not like to read as they neither at the time or inclination to go through the paragraphs.

Videos,on the other hand, affects your auditory as well as visual senses. This is far more effective in reaching the targeted audience and convince them for any product or services.

Besides a viewer is more inclined to trust a message they see through a video than in a textual format.

12. Videos are an excellent tool to target the mobile users

Explanation videos are an excellent tool to reach out to the average mobile users who do not want to read any big articles (however well written) on their small smartphone screen.

And as the number of smartphone users is growing at a scorching pace, no company would want to miss out on this big market.

As most of the smartphone users are either teenagers or below the age of forty, they formed the bulk of the high volume buying segment of the society.

If your company wants to improve its profit margin, then it is important that they should target this audience through beautifully shot explanation videos.

Besides, videos are more entertaining that sync with the tastes of the younger highly mobile generation compared to a text.

13. Videos are excellent for sharing on social media

One of the great advantages of posting videos on your website is that they can be shared on the social network.

Different social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others can be used to share videos with others.

As more people share your videos on the social network, your website gets a higher ranking in any organicsearch engine generated a result.

14. Videos can go viral, resulting in a large number of views

Unlike text, interesting videos have the capability of going viral on the social network.

When a video goes viral, it is shared by thousands of people online, which increases the weightage of that website that hosted the video.

The greater is the weightage, the better ranking it will get in an organic search result.

15. Videos help you to leverage YouTube for brand promotion

The second biggest search engine of the Internet is the YouTube. You can use the amazing reach of this popular search engine to share the message of your company with your targeted audience.

If you make use of videos on YouTube, then you will find that the traffic to your website as well as conversion rate increases significantly.

When you post on the YouTube, make sure that there is a link available with it, which once clicked will take the viewer back to your website home page.

Beside any post on the YouTube is looked upon very favorably by the Google for improving the ranking of a website.

16. Videos provide you with the best return on investment

Videos have a huge shelf life and provide you with better ROI compared to a text-based marketing strategy.

Videos can be shared, recycled and rebranded to improve their shelf life. This ensures that the overall cost of having a marketing strategy around well-crafted videos gives is less in the longer run.

In short, it gives you the biggest bang for your money.

17. Videos are better than text messages to convince people

Eye tracking tools have concluded that people spend more time on any messages, which has inbuilt videos, images or graphics in it compared to others that do not have any visual content.

The greater people stay with your and bigger chance you get to influence them to buy your product or services.

The reasons mentioned above shows how important videos are for promoting a product, explaining a service or give information about a company.

That is why you should take care to focus more on audio and video content when you are developing a website.

While it may look expensive in the beginning, it will help you in more than one way to improve the profit of a company and promote your brand.

Therefore, try the latest in animation, imaging and videography to provide your viewerswith an enriching experience when they visit your website.

Improving the user experience is very important if you want to engage with your clients in a more personal way.

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