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Web scraping is the process of gathering data from the websites of web pages. It can be done by scripts and also automated tools are available for it.

Web scraping for business


But how can web scraping is useful for business?


  1. You need contact details of your connections of your social media profiles; web scraping is the easiest way to gather contact details. No need to visit each profile individually to get contact details.
  2. You want a list of all products of any eCommerce website with some details; web scraping is the easiest way. You will get the CSV file of the product list with your require details.
  3. If you are in Real Estate business and want to compare property pricing, need a list of property owners or list of properties; data scraping is also helpful to you.

How can you earn a profit?

For eCommerce websites, it’s very important to keep track of competitor’s success factors and from that you will get an idea to improve your strategy. Web scraping can be helpful to collect the product and pricing details of your all potential competitors. So, you can compare it, and set yours.

Industries in which Web Scraping helps to grow their Business

Industries in which web scraping is used

If you want to do email marketing and want email ids of clients, web scraping is the better way.

By seeing the following infographic, you will get an idea in short.

Use of data scraping infographic


In short, Web scraping is the easiest, fastest and affordable way to extract large amount of data for your business purpose.

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