How Voice Technology is influencing the Healthcare Industry?

Published On: April 26, 2018
Last Updated: July 8, 2022
How Voice Technology is influencing the Healthcare Industry?

The healthcare industry is continuously adopting new technologies in a quest to provide top-notch service to patients across the globe.

Voice user interface is one such technology that helps the healthcare industry for many things such as scheduling appointments, diagnosis, monitoring health, etc.

In short, voice technology has opened the doors for both patients as well as physicians to make effective healthcare decisions.

Considering the immense benefits of voice technology in healthcare, a vast number of healthcare service providers and brands worldwide have integrated voice technology with various devices & built some innovative solutions to provide a better experience to the customers.

Therefore, in this blog, we will walk you through some trending examples that represent the applications of voice assistants in healthcare.

So, let’s dive deep into it:

Improving the Consultative Process

Healthcare IT vendors are working on many voice recognition technology solutions that will make the doctor and patient consultation process more effective.

There are many IT healthcare solutions that help patients to consult doctors quickly, identify the disease, and then apply the necessary medication for it.

Currently, if a patient is facing some problem, then they have to go to a general practitioner, and after he/she examines, they will send you to a specialist.

This entire process is time-consuming and very stressful for the patient.

Several hospital management systems are thinking of reducing this long loop and let the patient decide (if they are willing) to look at their symptoms and research on the Internet through any healthcare IT services.

After they diagnose the problem, they can book an appointment with the specialist of their choice through their mobile app that has Alexa integration.

Alexa can easily find out the name of the specialists who can solve a patient’s problem near their residence.

Additionally, they can also book an appointment for the patient. Alexa in the healthcare industry is useful to make voice-enabled apps.

Reducing Information Burden on Patients

Nowadays, new technology in healthcare has made it easy for the patients to remember only the most important information and leave the rest to their voice assistants like the Alexa healthcare apps.

Experts engaged in Alexa skill development are helping developers build apps that will guide patients about their medications, diet, and any side effect of a medicine they are taking.

This will be a great help for elderly people, as they forget to take their medicines on time.

For example, if you program your Alexa Echo to remind you at a specific time for your medication, then it will remind you at the exact time.

Enhancing Healthcare Plans

There is not proper quality support for the healthcare plans for the patients suffering from lifestyle diseases.

With the help of voice technology in healthcare, doctors get the opportunity to provide better attention to the patients for the initial 24 hours.

Using the voice assistant, doctors can get answers to questions like “Did they take up the medication?” “How is the patient’s health?” etc.

Helping People with Speaking Impediment

One of the best use-cases of voice assistants in healthcare is assisting patients suffering with speaking skills.

Various healthcare IT consulting companies are working on different algorithms that offer a great potential for voice recognition capabilities.

When this medical voice recognition software will be integrated with voice assistants like Alexa, then it will help patients who have lost their voice or their speech is garbled to convey a message to doctors properly.

In short, when voice technology in healthcare will fructify (it is showing great promise of becoming reality soon), it would allow the doctors as well as caregivers to understand what the patients are talking about.

Document and Monitor Health of Patients

Doctors spend a majority of time noting all the interactions with the patients through EHR. Here, EHR is the Electronic Healthcare Records System using which doctors can check records of the patients whenever needed.

Also, EHR is one of the most popular use-cases of IoT in healthcare.

However, at times, doctors get exhausted carrying out the whole process using the EHR.

To resolve this issue, doctors take help of voice command apps to document the life of the patients in less than a minute by transcribing all the details obtained through dictation.

Moreover, voice apps can regularly ask relevant questions to patients to monitor their behavior.

On the other side, voice assistants in healthcare can provide billing codes and other necessary information to doctors to carry out their tasks efficiently.

Assisting Patients to Manage Diabetes

Sugarpod, one of the most popular gadgets, is highly beneficial for diabetes patients. This gadget is mainly a type 2 diabetes management solution that offers specific tasks for patients, depending on their requirements.

The patients get their tasks through mediums like SMS, email, web, or via the voice assistant such as Alexa.

Moreover, as soon as the Sugarpod is connected with Alexa, it enables patients to look after their treatments and track progress regularly.

Lastly, we can say that in the near future, voice command apps can help to assist patients suffering with various diseases.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials is another area where many healthcare software companies are working to provide the patients with a better and faster service.

Here the patient can use the voice command apps to fill in different surveys that relate to their health.

Clinical Trials

This will allow the clinic technicians to focus all their attention on testing and then collate what the patients have filled in through a voice assistant.

Later, they can use the medical transcription software to provide the results of the different tests so that the doctor can use them to come at any conclusion.

Offer Diagnostic suggestions using AI

In the current scenario, a vast number of people love to consult a doctor virtually to get solutions to their problems.

The same thing is possible with the help of a voice assistant.

Offer Diagnostic suggestions using AI

A voice assistant in healthcare can utilize Dr. A.I.’s HealthTap skill to offer diagnostic suggestions to the patients.

This skill offers better suggestions because it has knowledge of more than 107,000 U.S. doctors across 141 specialties.

Wrapping it Up

So here we have just walked you through some common ways how voice technology in healthcare industry can be beneficial.

Apart from this, voice technology has the potential to resolve a vast number of issues in the healthcare industry and enhance the user experience of the patients and doctors simultaneously.

If you are looking forward to providing a top-notch experience to the patients and enhancing internal operations; then, you can also develop a voice command app and integrate it with devices such as Alexa.

We are a well-known healthcare app development company, you can share your idea with us. We will brainstorm on your idea and develop the best voice command app that helps you to enhance your day-to-day healthcare activities.

You are welcome to share your project details with us & we will provide a free quote.

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