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Guidelines To Manage Business Online

Manage Business Online

If you have a business and want to grow further without investing huge sums of money in building infrastructure, then e-commerce is the way to go.

The Internet has revolutionized many aspects of our lives and business is one of the most prominent ones.

The immense reach of the Internet and its ability to engage with people in a more personal way has made it a big hit amongst both the business as well as the customers.

Business To Business

Besides engagement and reach, business through the Internet also has several other benefits as well and some of these are mentioned below for you.

  • Access to a bigger market
  • Improved communication with your customers
  • Cost-effective
  • The 24x7 virtual store that is always open for business
  • Tremendous advantages in targeting potential customers through data mining tools
  • Easy to track the performance of the business in real time
  • Business automation leads to lowering of cost on salaries of the staffs
  • Better customer redressal forum to get instant feedback from the clients

If you are planning to enter the amazing world of e-commerce, then do not dither, take this as a challenge and you will be rewarded with a huge market for your products.

Here are the basic elements which are required to run your online business successfully.

Create Online Business Entity

Website development

When you made up your mind to enter the exciting world of e-commerce, the question arises, how to connect with the potential customers?

To connect with your potential customers, you need an address where you can not only showcase your product but also provide information about your company.

For this, you will need a professional web development company with a great track record of developing sites for businesses.

Website development

They are actually a team of programmers, designers, SEO experts, content writers and marketing personnel who come together to build highly functional websites.

When you give the contract to an agency to develop a website for your company, insist on the fact that it should not only be visually appealing but also easy to navigate too and it must have latest digital marketing trends.

Make sure that the website developers make use of tables and proper labelling to highlight all the important functions of your company.

Mobile application

Nowadays, if your website is not optimized for mobile viewing, then you are losing a big time of not engaging with a big number of people.

Current research show that the number of people who use their mobile phone to browse the Internet or buying and selling products far outnumbers the desktop and laptop users combined.

To connect to this large mass of people, you can either make your website responsive so that it can be viewed optimally on the small screen or use mobile application.

To create a mobile application dedicated to your business, you have to hire a mobile app development company.

But before contacting the company, try to decide whether you want the app to made for the iOS or Android platform. Depending on your product profile (high end or basic), you can choose the platform. If it is a pricy article, then you can choose the iOS platform otherwise, Android platform will be the best.

You can hire a dedicated developer to build highly customized mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

Social Media

Social media is a very important place where you can engage with your customers.

If you are looking to engage with people on a more personal level, then it is important to have a presence on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform. Make sure to link these platforms to your company’s website to improve the traffic flow in it.

Manage Customers online

While developing, a website is an important part of starting your business online, it is only the first step. To provide information about your products or give a platform where they can buy your product without any hassle should be your big priority.

Customer portal development- Manage all your customer

As most websites of e-commerce companies offer self-serving services to the customers, the importance of customer service portal has gained in importance.

These portals are entryways to the company’s website wherein it provides information about the company, product details, pricing in a very intuitive way.

When you ask the web development company to develop these portals make sure to ask them to make them simple so that even a layman can use them without any issue.

As the demand for new services keeps constantly coming, you have to be a nimble foot in addressing these by adopting new services through this platform for complete customer satisfaction.

Online support ticketing system – Create an online support system for customers

When you are doing a business, it is but natural that dispute may arise (despite your best efforts). The credibility of your company will be established if you quickly resolve these.

People need a dedicated service to resolve any issue relating to quality or choice of the goods. You must have an integrated dispute resolution forum on your website.

The dispute forum should be quick and all the feedback from the customers should be taken seriously to increase the goodwill of the company in the mind of the customers.

You can use a ticketing system, where every dispute is serialized according to the time of submission and resolved in that order only for customer satisfaction.

Online invoicing

Your website should have a secure way of making payment through multiple sources (debit card, credit card or internet banking). Security of the information relating to the bank details of the customer generated during an online transaction is very important and you should have a robust security setup to keep it safe from unscrupulous elements.

Online invoicing

Automatic invoicing

If you do not want to engage an employee to regularly update your account for any online transaction, the using the automatic invoicing will help you a great deal.

In automatic invoicing, all the financial transaction happening on your e-portal are automatically entered your book of account.

This system can be customized to not only provide you with a completely up to date books of account but also find out about your tax liability and pay it online automatically to keep you in the clear.

Manual Invoicing system

If you want to cross check all the transaction on your online platform and enter the details yourself, then you can go in for the manual invoicing system.

The Quick invoice maker mobile app can help you in this matter a great deal. This amazing app can be customized to your special needs to provide you with a complete accounting solution at your fingertips. It is available for android and ios devices. You can download by clicking below buttons.

Online Business Marketing

If you have a great product but people out there do not know about it, then all your effort on coming to the online platform will be in vain.

 Online Business Marketing

To project your products to the target group, you need a professional digital marketing company that can launch an effective online marketing campaign for your company.

Website marketing

Website marketing

Website marketing is a very important part of the overall marketing strategy to improve the brand visibility of your company.

There are several subcategories related to the website marketing which have to be implemented in a well-synchronized manner for overall success.

Different segments of website marketing include:

  • Search engine marketing
  • Display advertisement
  • Referral marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Search engine optimization

Mobile application marketing

Mobile application marketing

The number of mobile phone users is growing exponentially, and it would make sense to use it for marketing purpose.

To make optimal use of mobile marketing, you must look at few things:

  • Observe the customer behaviour
  • Integrate your mobile app with your overall marketing strategy of ecommerce app to get optimum benefit
  • Get real-time data of the user preference and tweak your marketing campaign accordingly
  • Dedicate resource to build customer omnichannel engagement for better data and better user experience for the targeted client.

Social media management:

Social media management

There are many social media platforms on the Internet. If you want to utilize many of these to project your brand, then you need a proper management tool to look after all these platforms simultaneously.

There are numerous tools that will help you immensely to manage several social media platforms simultaneously and engage your clients through multiple channels for a better result.

Some of the social media management tools that you can use for improving the overall campaign on the social platforms are:

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • TweetDeck
  • SocialOomph
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