Top Essential Guidelines for ASO – App Store Marketing

Published On: June 8, 2017
Last Updated: March 14, 2023
Top Essential Guidelines for ASO - App Store Marketing

Today one of the toughest issues is “how to get your app discovered in the top position” over 2 million mobile apps in the major app stores, this is really the biggest problem for mobile app publishers.

Some companies are hiring digital marketing company for managing their marketing needs and campaigns. They believe in focusing on doing thigns in which they are experts. Take an example of APPLE. They do only those things in which they are experts.

So if you are in the mobile app market, are you aware of the importance of different techniques for app marketing ?
Let’s understand the meaning of ASO

Some companies are hiring digital marketing company for managing their marketing needs and campaigns. They believe in focusing on doing thigns in which they are experts. Take an example of APPLE. They do only those things in which they are experts.

What is ASO

The process of mobile apps to rank higher position in an app store’s search results that means ASO “App Store Optimization”.

Driving more traffic to your app’s page in the app store is the target of ASO. You should have a better understanding of the language of your potential clients.

ASO is a way of ensuring your mobile app gets app store ranking standards and rises to the top of a search results page.

To guide you boost your ASO strategy, we have presented the top guidelines of app store marketing, many of which have their roots in well-famous SEO strategies marketers love.

Why is ASO Important?

If you are not using app store marketing guidelines to increase your app’s search ranking, you are really missing out on the biggest discovery channel available to your mobile app.

There are billions of mobile apps in each app store enthusiastic to rank above one another, the surprising reality is that majority of mobile app publishers are not investing in ASO (App Store Optimization). ASO is your powerful weapon. Spending some time on improving your ASO, and you definitely will impact your mobile app’s ranking and overall success.

This ASO process is really beneficial to us but how we can do it? So let’s dive in.

App Store Marketing Guidelines

How to do app store optimization?

Guide1: Find the correct app store keywords

This factor is helpful to improve your app store search ranking, this is your first app store optimization effort should begin from finding the correct app store keywords.

Here we present app store keyword ideas:

Start your keyword research process, try and come up with at least 50 app store keywords. We suggest some great and free tools that help you with the app store keyword ideas.

Google Keyword Planner
OneLook Reverse Dictionary
Apple Search Ads (only for iOS app)

Note: if you want to launch your app in the specific country, use this tool Google Trends.
Please remember that your app keywords should be relevant only your app. So users will download your app and install it.

Use long tail app store keywords phrases to outrank the competition.

Guide2: Put the app store keywords in the correct places.

There are a couple of metadata where you must put in the text with your app store keywords.

Meaning App name

Your app name is original and searchable fashion. That means your app should not only the key telling your potential users what about your app is, but it obtains your app in the search results.

App name format

Use your brand name short and sweet. Also, you can add the brand name with a few keywords using a dash or a semicolon.

For example, Google Maps-Navigation & Transit

Use only URL-friendly characters in your title. Don’t use any special characters in your app names, such as trademark or copyright symbol.

App description for Google play store

Remember that keywords in the first few lines carry more weight than the remaining description copy in Google play store keyword search algorithm. Put your main keywords here.

Use rich formatting with emoji in your app description. Write app features with spacing and bulleted lists to make description stand out and easy to read.

App description for iOS app store

You can show all the social proofs, awards, and honorable mentions if your app has obtained.

Short Description text

Keep in mind, only 5% users click the “Read More” button. Your description should have 252 characters.
Add a strong call to action text to motivate visitors to install an app.

Guide3: Convert the visitors to users

After app store keyword optimization the next step of ASO is optimizing app store page.
Remember these few things which are useful to you:

App Icon

To obtain more design ideas, search the top-rated apps in your category. Make sure your icon is discrete from your competitor’s to avoid brand confusion. Add contrasting colors, different shapes and frames also.

If your app is functional, put one object to describe your app. If your app has a brand, put the logo to make future products perceptible.


To create better screenshots, make sure each screenshot should have a single & the strongest message about your app. don’t use login, registrations, purchase forms, ads and welcome page in your screenshots. Keep screenshots vertical.

Preview Video

Make sure your shortapp video can attract visitors. Don’t use “welcome screen” message at the starting of your video. Don’t forget to put good graphics which attracts visitors in the video

Rating & Review

Ratings & Reviews are big impact on app downloads. For example competing for the mission of the game, ask nicely. Use “send feedback” option also.

App Size

Try to make your app smaller than 100 MB in size.

Update Frequency

Releasing regular app updates has many benefits. We would recommend that at least an app update a month, and up to once a week. Your updates should take improvements in your app.

App Localization

App localization gives a larger audience to download your mobile app. Keep in mind before full localization of your app, think localizing app listing first. That means translating keywords, app name, screenshots etc.

Conversion Rates

Check impressions of app preview, the total number of app page visitors and app install. Find out the reason why most people leave your page. This step will definitely change in your conversion rate.


Use these three guidelines. Don’t give up if the results of first few optimizations are not coming out well. App marketing takes time and ASO app store optimization needs many considerations.

We hope this post will help you to improve your app store optimization. After reading this post if you have any query, feel free to contact us

Good Luck in Your App Store Optimization journey.

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