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New revolutionary ideas emanating from the Google I/O 2018 Developers Conference

Google I/O conference is one of the most anticipated tech-related events that people around the globe who are interested in new technology wait for eagerly.

This few days of the conference, developers from around the world are able to showcase their new revolutionary concepts that will have a profound impact on how we use Google in our day to day life.

While it is difficult to encapsulate the entire Google I/O conference in a small article, we have tried to bring to you some gem of ideas that will have a deep impact on the technological landscape in years to come.

The highly interactive Android P :

At the Google I/O conference we got to catch a glimpse of how the upcoming Android P will look like and what sort of features it will brandish.

It seems that in the new OS Google is focusing on three key elements.

  • Simple interface
  • Intelligent Interface
  • Digital well being
The highly interactive Android P

One of the things that Google is betting on big in the Android P is the better integration of AI in the OS.

At the conference it was shown how increased use of AI in Android P has led to more efficiency and improved user experience. While we do not have the complete list of features that Google is planning to integrate with the AI, we have listed a few of them here so that you get a better idea of what Google is trying to do with this new OS.

  • The AI can monitor different apps that you are using and shut those apps down intelligently which you are not using for some time to save the battery life.
  • The AI can automatically adjust the level of brightness for you.
  • List those apps at the top of the menu which you use regularly.
  • The dashboard feature tells a user what apps he has used and how much time he has spent on these apps.

More powerful Google Assistant voice :

Google has announced that it will integrate six new voices in its Google assistant. You can choose from any of these six voices including the original one.

Besides, the new revamped Google Assistant will allow you to have a more natural flow of conversation with it. Google is calling it as continued conversation.

In continued conversation, you do not need to say okay Google before asking each question. The AI integrated with the assistant will figure out if the question after the first question is follow up to the original one or not and will respond accordingly.

Google Assistant with better AI integration has also been included in the Google Maps. This has increased both its reliability as well as its impact. The new map allows you to jump into the street view and use your camera to get more information.

powerful Google Assistant voice

Like if you point your camera to a particular dog on the street, the Google Assistant will tell you about its breed.

You can also point your camera to a particular street/road and Google will use the street view and match it with its huge repositories of maps in the system and find out how you can go to your destination from that point. It will give you a stepwise step guidance in this matter.

This fantastic integration of optics, AI, machine learning all combined into one give you a practical solution to any problem.

This is just the beginning and it looks that Google will add more and more features to take on the competition from the incredible Amazon Alexa head on.

The new Tensor Processor Unit 3.0 :

Google has also unveiled its latest TPU processor.

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the latest hardware from Google is a great improvement from the one that was unveiled last year.

This processor with approximately 100 petaflops in performance is 8 times faster than the last year TPU pod.

This new system will help Google to attract more developers into their system which will be a great help in developing better apps and other services based on Google platform.

Google News gets a new leg up from the AI integration :

The latest Google I/O conference has provided us with a peek into what Google is trying to do with its NEWS feature.

Google has used the power and efficiency of AI to reorganize its news feed feature.

Google News gets a new leg up from the AI integration

The latest upgrade in the Google news feed will see the AI scouring the web for the latest news and organize them into blogs, articles videos and others into storylines.

The new news feed from Google will use the YouTube, Newsstand and the digital magazine app and bring to you news from a different perspective so that you can look at an event from multiple angles and make up your mind about it.

Smart Compose :

If you have to type a lot of emails for your office work, then the latest Smart Compose from Google will come in hand to you.

The smart compose will be a part of the Gmail and you can use it to write mail more quickly.

Smart Compose

This feature will suggest a way how to complete a sentence that you are already typing. It will suggest to you phrases that are relevant to the text and you can select it by just clicking on it.

That is not all, the Smart Compose is also very intelligent thanks to the extensive use of machine learning and AI integration. If it finds out that the day you are posting the letter is Friday, then it can end the letter with a greeting of the happy weekend.

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Google driverless car :

There were many announcements made during the Google I/O conference, but some of them stole the thunder.

Google driverless car

One such announcement was about the Google driverless car. This is actually a driverless cab service where Google has collaborated with Waymo.

So, when you use the app to call a car, then a driverless cab comes to your address. It is more like the Uber and Ola cab services that we see in India. The only difference is that there are no drivers who drive the car, the entire thing is highly automated.

Google Photos :

Google has also upgraded its Google Phot feature. Now you can turn a black and white photo posted on the net back into colour or vice versa.

The Google Photo can also recognize your photo documents and convert it into pdf format for you.

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