11 Best Ways of Using Alexa in the Classroom

Published On: April 10, 2018
Last Updated: July 8, 2022
11 Best Ways of Using Alexa in the Classroom

Quick Summary: The education system is growing at a phenomenal rate. Every year, numerous universities, schools, etc. are introducing gadgets to provide next-level Education. Out of which, Alexa is highly popular, and hence, in this blog, we will provide how using Alexa, you can offer a next-level classroom experience to students.

The craze of voice technology is getting bigger & bigger. Voice-controlled devices are now being adopted in the education industry, and they would have a tremendous impact on the future of Education.

Moreover, voice technology is being integrated into devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. Initially, people were using voice-controlled devices at home only, but now they are also useful in Education & various other fields.

For example, voice technology can make the entire learning experience highly interactive and engaging.

Moreover, various educators have started using Alexa in the classroom to pass information to students instantly. This allows students to focus on one topic & don’t check any other gadgets.

On the other side, students have started using Alexa to get maximum output with minimum effort.

So, whether you are a teacher, professor, or entrepreneur and planning to provide a personalized education experience, then you should think of developing an education app integrated with Alexa.

We, as an educational app development company, have developed apps for the education sector and are familiar with the latest technologies.

Here we will like to give you some examples of how using Alexa in the classroom will allow you to provide a more refined and effective service to your users.

So, let’s get started:

1. Setting Reminders

Setting countdowns and reminders is like a walk in the park for teachers using Alexa. With the help of Alexa, teachers can set reminders for their class or any announcement to the students. Also, they can focus properly on a running activity without any distractions.

2. Create a Learning Environment

Alexa can also help to build a study environment for students and teachers so that they can keep all your focus on your books. The environment can be created by playing a white sound to help in concentration.

Create a Learning Environment

Alexa does not only help a student with his/her homework or charting out their academic calendar but also is very useful in improving the education system and the class experience.

3. Student Performance Overview

The teachers can also integrate Alexa with the learning management system like Canvas, Moodle, or Blackboard.

This will help the students to keep track of their assignments and see if they have missed any. It will also help them to list all the grades so that the students can get an overview of their performance and try to better the weak areas.

4. Improve Language Skill and Vocabulary

Smarter mobile app development with Alexa can improve the language skill of students and also help with pronouncing a stiff word of text. The student can ask for the definition of any technical word or get synonyms of any word to get more variation in their work and improve their stock of words.

If any student wants to polish their language skills while learning a new language, then Alexa will be a perfect guide for them to try out newly acquired knowledge to see how good you are in your language skills.

5.Play Music for Students

Teachers have an option to play instrumental music for students when they are working on a serious project. Also, they can play funny songs for students as their reward. Moreover, Alexa is linked with Prime Music, so teachers have the freedom to play different kinds of music.

6. Alexa Integration in Education Games

When you add Alexa with these games, then you not only make it highly personalized but also more interactive that will allow the children to keep track of their progress through different levels of these games and customize the games for their unique needs.

education game development with amazon alexa

7. Allocating Partners

Alexa consists of a randomization setting, which will be highly beneficial for teachers. Using this setting, teachers can instantly allocate students a partner or a group and make divisions of a big class instantly.

Besides this, randomization is highly useful in choosing a number for different activities or games.

8. Reading a Story

The smart speaker can read books that are available on the Kindle, Audible, or iTunes app. Teachers can carry out a story session for students in which they command Alexa to read a story and check the overall engagement of the students.

9. Listening to a Story

Students can participate in a storytelling action with the help of an app known as Select A Story. It gives students the freedom to move their story in any direction they want by stopping at some point and requesting Alexa to add to check whether AI has the ability for human interactions.

Moreover, students can utilize commands such as “Get the dragon” to shift the storyline in a new direction and make it enjoyable. This is yet a compelling reason for you to integrate Alexa in the classroom.

10. Provide Personalized Content

Educators have the option to utilize the Amazon Skill Blueprints tool to carry out personalized interactions about several applications in the classroom.

For instance, you can command Alexa to carry out a pop quiz of an ongoing lesson in the class to initiate interactions. Moreover, you can share the entire quiz with the students if they possess a smart speaker at home.

11. Provides Instant Answers to Questions

Alexa is a fantastic classroom assistant for the students who are struggling to find answers to questions. Just by simple voice commands, a student can ask essential questions and get quick references for any subject by accessing the Internet, and find tidbits of information about the texts he/she is reading that will make the classroom environment joyful.

Additionally, Alexa can also help in converting units of measurements and check if a student has solved his/her math problem in the right way.

Students can be encouraged to interact with Alexa for different kinds of activities like flipping a coin or card to test a case of probability or doing simple mathematical calculations on the fly.

Moreover, getting the required information is one of the best Alexa skills in the classroom. Hence, if you integrate Alexa in the classrooms, that will be the most significant advantage for your students.


Alexa enhances user experience in the education field as well as make a better future for students. Thus, it will ultimately help the education sector to make this world better to live in.

If you have decided to provide something innovative to your students, then you have to create skills based on the requirements of your students.

To develop a customized skill, you should reach out to Alexa app developers. We, at Guru TechnoLabs, an Amazon Alexa Skill Development Company, understand your requirements thoroughly and then create skill accordingly.

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