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The future of Alexa in Education Portals

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a personal tutor of your own who will help you in your studies and also provide you with a school like experience?

One such virtual assistant that has shown a great potential to improve the learning skills of children and adults alike is the revolutionary ‘Alexa’ developed by Amazon.

This virtual assistant that sounds like Google Now, Cortana and Siri are much more effective in picking out voice commands than any of the others. For one, it is highly effective in listening to different accents and is more powerful (it can hear you even if you are in the other room thanks to five different microphones).

However, the biggest difference is its ability to support different types of activities including education apps.

The number of projects that this voice command app can be put to in the field of education is endless. You just have to dream about a scenario like providing a classroom or campus experience or even a personal tutor that will help you step by step in learning and gaining skills in any subject and you can develop an education app integrated with Alexa to help you realise that dream.

alexa integration in education mobile app

App development company – Guru Technolabs can help you to integrate Alexa with learning apps. It improves the reach and functionality of the app that you have developed manifold.

Here we will like to give you some examples of how Alexa integration with education web portal will allow you to provide a more refined and effective service to your students.

Find Information about any Subject

Alexa is a fantastic assistant for the students who are struggling with their homework. Just by simple voice commands a student can perform simple calculations, get quick references for any subject by accessing the Internet and find titbits of information about the text he is reading that will make studying so much interesting.

Additionally, Alexa can also help in converting units of measurements and check if a student has solved his math problem in the right way.

Many app developers have created apps that use Alexa skill development role in the classroom. Students are encouraged to interact with Alexa for different kind of activities like flipping a coin or card to test a case of probability or doing simple mathematical calculations on the fly.

Never Miss a Class

Sometimes, it may happen that we may lose track of any important classes at our school or college. If we put our class schedule to any of the online calendars like Google Calendar, G Suite, iCloud, Office 365 or Outlook.com and integrate Alexa with it, then you will never miss a class because Alexa will be there to remind you.

Create Learning Environment

Alexa can also help you to build a study environment for you so that you can keep all your focus on your books. The environment can be created by playing a white sound to help in concentration.

Alexa not only helps a student with his homework or charting out their academic calendar but also is very useful in improving the in-class experience.

Smart Education with Amazon Alexa integration

Student Performance Overview

The students or teachers can also integrate Alexa with the learning management system like Canvas, Moodle or Blackboard. This will help the students to keep track of their assignments and see if they have missed any. It will also help them to list all the grades so that the students can get an overview of their performance and try to better the weak areas.

Improve Language Skill and Increase Vocabulary

language learning with voice command app

As a teacher or parents, you can improve the language skill of your students or ward by using the help of Alexa to pronounce difficult words of a text. The student can also ask for the definition of any technical word or get synonyms of any word to get more variation in their work as well as improve their stock of words.

If you want to polish your language skills when you are learning a new language, then Alexa will be a perfect guide to try out your newly acquired knowledge to see how good you are in your language skills.

Endless Subjects and Information

Not only mathematics and languages, Alexa can also help the students in learning Geography, Civics and History by pulling the requisite information from the Internet when asked for a reference. This makes the whole learning process more fun and also simpler as the students can associate information with some context like maps or an image of a place.

Music Learning Apps with Alexa

If you have music as one of your core subjects, then you can use the help of Alexa to listen to all the classical music and know more about their genre or composer as well as the music they have produced.

music learning with amazon alexa

Perfect Planning and Preparation

Alexa also helps a student to keep his appointment for any extracurricular classes or know about the traffic and weather on his way to his school so that he is not surprised by the elements and is fully prepared for any traffic jams (starting his journey a little early) or bad weather (taking an umbrella with him.

Alexa Integration in Education Games

And when you add Alexa with these games then you not only make it highly personalized but also more interactive that will allow the children to keep track of their progress through different levels of these games and customize the games for their unique needs.

education game development with amazon alexa

If you have an educational portal and would like to improve the user experience of your students, then you can use the services of educational app development company to integrate Alexa with education portal. This will not only help the students to easily access various services of your web portal through simple voice command but also improve his/her user experience tremendously.

Besides providing facts and figures, an education portal can do well to include many education Alexa skills to develop the skills of the children who are using that portal to improve their mind.

Explore the opportunities for your educational institute with Alexa

These are only some of the features that a student can make use of when he or she is using the Alexa. And as time evolves so will new features that will be added to this amazing voice command assistant.

For any web portal that is trying to break out on new grounds and get more people to subscribe to their services, it is important that they provide them with better quality contents and amazing service. And integrating the Alexa with website will help you do it perfectly.

Ravi Makhija

Ravi Makhija

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