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How to enhance your online store for better sales?

Just building an online store is not enough. There are lots of eCommerce stores are available on the web. Some of those are the most famous. Why should people buy from your website? Why some stores are more popular? What is unique in their sites?

There are a ton of questions. As a newbie in eCommerce business, you have to learn the behavior of the users. You need to think from their point of view, if you want to increase your sales.

The following are some points:

To improve your eCommerce website for better user engagement and sales.

1. Easy Navigation: Keep it Simple Not make a Mess

Website Navigation

[image credits: http://download.4-designer.com/files/20140220/Roads-and-signs-vector-material-55318.jpg]

The navigation of your website should be simple that people can easily find the product they want. If they unable to find the category of product easily, they will leave your site because they have many options for purchase.

No one likes to navigate much for their favorite product. Instead of navigating more, they choose to switch to another site.

2. Mobile Friendliness is Must

As the users of mobile devices are increasing rapidly, your eCommerce app store must be optimized for mobiles.

Now a day, people are uses mobile devices more than desktops. So, if your website is not mobile optimized, it looks really ugly in mobile devices. People do not prefer to look at the site with bad design and also don’t trust on that type of websites.

Your Website Should be Mobile Friendly

Always optimize your website for mobile devices.

3. Improve your Photography of Products

It’s always said that “Pictures tells more than words”. The pictures of your products create the greatest impression on people’s mind. So, always provide quality pictures. If possible, provide the pictures of all the views so people can properly judge the product and also provide zoom in/zoom out feature.

You can find the most creative way to represent your product.

4. Enable Live Chat

Using the Live Chat, users can directly contact you if they need any guideline. By doing this, you can prevent your valuable customers to leaving from your website because of some inquiries.

I have shared the list of best live chat plugins. You choose the best from the list based on your needs.

And if you are successful to provide good guidelines, then it can create a nice impression on your customer’s mind. So, just putting live chat is not enough, also provide good answers.

5. Make Your Store More Discoverable – SEO

For getting more customers, your website should be discoverable on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

And yeah, just discoverable is not sufficient; you need to rank higher on SERP. Most of the traffic comes to the website through organic search on Search Engines. And the people mostly clicks to the result of 1st page of search engine, a few people navigate to the 2nd or other pages.

What does it mean? It means higher the rankings, higher the traffic!

So, always prefer SEO to get visible on search engines. The SEO is also helpful in long term goals. It does not provide instant results, but very effective results. If you need instant traffic, you can use PPC (Pay per Click) campaign for it.

But don’t forget SEO, it’s a basic thing, Even if you are using PPC, the SEO

6.Cut Down on Steps to Purchase

No one likes to fill more and more forms to purchase any product because no one likes to waste their time in the complex checkout process. If people get frustrated by your checkout process, they may leave your website without making a purchase. Make the checkout process easier and cut down the step for purchase as many as possible.

7. Faster is Always Better

Everyone hates slow websites! Most people choose switch to the next website if they found your website is slow. They don’t have time to wait! Ha-ha!

It’s hard to make the eCommerce website because; eCommerce website contains a lot of images that result in large sized webpages. But, it’s not impossible to do it!

Just follow the rules of “Google Page Speed Insights” to get good page speed. And yeah, losslessly compress your images (it compresses your images without affecting quality of the images). There are many online tools available for lossless compression.

8. Pricing &  Be Honest about Your Product Offerings

People are always smart. They always check the pricing on other sites before purchasing from your site. If your prices create major difference, then of course they don’t buy from your site. It’s simple logic, why anyone buys at high price if the same product is available at the lowest rate on another sites.

So, always do the market research before set the prices for the products. For market research, web scraping will helpful to you. To know how, must read this article.

And another important thing is, always be honest about your products. Don’t add extra features, if you are really not providing it. It’s really a bad user experience. You will list the trust of people. Be honest and people will surely love your site!

9. Provide Discounts & Offers

The discounts and offers are the point of attraction for everyone because everyone likes to save money. By providing offers and discounts, you can attract more and more customers. The “Paytm” is the live example of it.

10. Promote on Social Media like Crazy

The social media is the most used medium. If you want your product reach to the more and more people, use social media for it. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Instragram and all others.

If you have good budget, you can use paid social media advertising. Facebook adds are most famous now a days. Also you can use StumbleUpon and Reddit advertising. It’s cheap and powerful also, if you have limited budget.

11. Bonus Tips

There are a lot of things that you can do for impressing the users and increase the traffic:

Try these tips also:

  • Want instant traffic to your site? Use PPC campaign
  • Send free samples to Instagram influencers
  • Cross promote it
  • Set delivery policies that works for your business model
  • Improve your Email campaign
  • Reduce Abandoned Carts
  • Reach out to Bloggers and Press
  • Post your store to Reddit
  • Actively engage on Twitter
  • Blog to answer buyers’ potential questions
  • Write Awesome Product description
  • Show Customer Reviews

Wrapping Up:

Always go for the best website design for your store which can attracts the users and provide the delightful user experience.

Is there any point I am missing? If you have new tips for better sales from eCommerce website, must comment!

Ravi Makhija

Ravi Makhija

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