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Educational App Development – Benefits, Useful Tips and Features

The widespread access to the internet has started a new era of digitization in every field. The fast and easy accessibility of the internet has made it possible to reach out from the most developed region to the remotest regions in the world with the same information. Be it the easy access to social sites or entertainment sites or news sites. There is a unified platform now for every field which can be accessed by anyone in the world.

And education too has seen a lot of changes in the past few decades with the start of digitization. Mobile apps have been developed to encourage students of all ages to learn and explore more in the field and generate more interest to make learning fun and not something that is forced. The e-learning industry has grown exponentially in the last two decades and it continues to grow with better accessibility and improved apps that cater to the requirements of students of all age groups. While many of these apps provide paid services others are free and thrive mostly on the ads that are displayed there. Modern education in combination with the mobile applications can do wonders for the common man and more importantly to the people living in remote places.

Let us now discuss below on how the education applications can be prepared to help most of the people and what can be its uses:

Preschoolers app

Preschoolers app

There are e-learning apps for babies or a preschooler’s app which teaches colors, letters, and numbers. There are apps that include colorful eye-catching games and animation to teach toddlers new words and rhymes with pictures and games to enhance the learning experience. With parents getting busy pursuing their careers e-learning apps play a great role in enhancing the speech and interaction capacity of a child. They are not only educative but are also immensely engaging with their attractive colors and music which the children love to play with. With the help of these apps, children get to learn the basic alphabets, rhymes, colors and much more.

Subject-specific middle and high school apps

Subject-specific middle and high school apps

Apps have been developed keeping in mind the importance a subject has in determining the career path of a child. There are apps that have been developed to assist the student with subjects like Mathematics, Science, and English. These apps provide an interactive learning experience to the students and help also to hold assessments to ensure that the user is sure of what he has learned. In this competitive era where parents dole out more money on coaching classes than in the schools these e-Learning apps come as lifesavers. These apps are far better and prove to be a better learning platform for the students as it is personalized unlike a single teacher tending to a large group of students in a class or coaching center. You, being the user of these apps can ask any and as many questions or doubts that you have.

Competitive exam apps

Competitive exam apps

There are numerous apps on the market now that specializes in preparing the user for competitive examinations like medical school, law schools, business schools etc. These apps include elaborate study plan for that not only tries to cover the subject matter in depth but also provide question patterns of previous years to prepare the user for the oncoming examination. These apps are extremely helpful for students as they can access the app anytime from anywhere and study without having to wait to reach a proper study location. This will save time profoundly and help more in preparing the competitive exams.

Specialized courses app

There are many specialized courses that are offered to enhance your field of study. For example, courses on hospital management, or a course on a new software. These courses are not a part of a school curriculum hence you would need an outside source to add this to your list of expertise. What better option than to study it online from an app that you can access anytime and from anywhere? You are not only saving time by using this app, but you are also enhancing the possibilities of a better career.

Language learning apps

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Learning a new language can be very enriching but it may not be always possible to learn it in school or directly from a native speaker. The best way to learn it fast and easy is by using an app and the language learning app is simply the best for you. The language learning apps have voice directives that allow the user to hear how the word would sound when pronounced. Many apps also present the option of learning from native speakers in the higher levels. This way of learning will also be very cost effective.

Special skills learning apps

Special skills learning apps

If you always had an interest in music but could never find the time to attend classes then learning it in an e Learning app is a great way to make a head start. You will find apps to teach you yoga, baking, cooking, painting, and many other skills. It also saves much of your time and can also continue your passion at the same time.

There is no age for learning something new. The availability of these e-Learning apps makes it possible for anyone to learning something new from the comfort of their room by simply accessing a mobile app. The feasibility and the wide scope of these apps have enhanced the mobile e Learning market. There are numerous apps that are being introduced every day into the market. And if you are looking into the possibility of developing a learning app too then there are a few factors that you will have to consider while developing the app. Let us understand the key pointers to develop an education app.


It is important that you chalk out the syllabus of the course that you intend to offer in the education app. The entire course should be broken down and mapped with time specifications so that the user knows exactly how long it will take to complete the course.

Notifications and course activities

The app should include a good notification feature that will help to inform the users with all the required updates.It is a great idea to break the learning monotony with various course related activities. The users can be notified about the latest events related to the course taken in an activity forum.

Look of the app

The look of the app is important to get the first impression of the user and engage them to explore further. This is a very important factor as it is the first step in promoting the use of the app. It must be in coherence with the user age group and the field of study.

Quality of the content

The content of the page should not be very extensive that it gets strenuous to the eyes of the user. Since it is a mobile app the view able area is relatively small hence with too much content you may lose the interest of the user. It is good to use animation and graphics whenever possible to maintain interest throughout the course. Using instructional videos is a great way to teach and keep a human approach to the whole learning process.

Two-way interaction

For a student, the course content might not always be self-explanatory, and he/she may require additional assistance. An added functionality of messaging the faculties will be of great help to users to clear any doubts that they may have.

Connected to the web

Having an educational app that allows the users to access other related articles from the web will be of great. This will give the students the opportunity to view other related information that can be filtered out from the web. This will save the students the time spent on scanning various articles from the web by providing a selected number of articles.


It is important to include assessments in the e Learning apps to test the understanding of the user and also to assure the user of their on-going progress in the understanding of the subject matter. Success in an assessment also acts as a motivator to barge on ahead with the learning.


For any app, it is very important to take feedback from the users as they are the ones using it and facing any difficulties that might be created due to shortcomings in the app. Taking regular feedbacks and working to resolve the issues is the best way to keep the app up to date with all the relevant and user-friendly options.

With the popularity of smartphones, access to the internet has led to a significant change in the way our educational system functions. The availability of apps dedicated to specific subjects and courses has made learning so much simpler.

The portability and the endless access to information anytime and from anywhere have made these apps the best way to study and learn something new.

Survey on education apps

A recent survey has shown that the use of the educational apps by students have made them more effective and efficient students. In a recent survey that was conducted on the use of an educational app, a large number of students believed that the use of these apps has made them more efficient and effective students. Whereas, another section felt that they were better prepared for their classes while the rest of the students agreed that it helped to reduce stress and increase their confidence. Students get lots of information on any subject be it arts, science or simple general knowledge.

E-learning – The Top Promising Industry

E-learning – The Top Promising Industry

E-learning has become one of the top promising industries with the increase in the speed of the internet and better features of smartphones. It is not just the availability of technology that is adding to the boost of this industry. The high competition in the educational field and the prospect of enhancing one’s career with an additional skill set is driving a lot of youngsters to start using these apps to get better marks and learn newer skills and have a well secured future.

If you already have an idea for an app you can approach a good educational app development company that can help you convert your idea into a functional app. You can check the education app portfolio of the agency prior to hiring it to make sure you have a good team working for you.It is the perfect time to delve into this field and develop apps that cater to this new section of eager learners.

Educational app is for all aged people

Educational app is for all aged people

Thus, to summaries, the education applications has now become a must for all aged people. Be it for an infant who is learning just the initial interactions of the world to any university graduate. With the help of the education apps, it has become more convenient for the people to gather information of any kind and anywhere. In fact, there is no such information that is not available on the internet and the apps are utilizing this to the most. Moreover, it also saves a lot of time,especially for the learning graduates. In short, an education application has now become a must use for the students of all age which will not only help them in their studies for their future growth but also would help them outsmart the others.

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