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Ecommerce website trends

The trend of people buying goods from the ecommerce store is going to grow in the future. If you need best ecommerce website design for business, then you can follow the following ecommerce design inspiration that have become popular and choose anyone so that people are more attracted towards your beautiful ecommerce website that you have designed for ecommerce business.

Material design

This design has become very popular among the ecommerce companies because it allows them to do a host of things that will focus the attention of the viewer on the contents. This particular design also helps in other ways like:

material design for ecommerce web development
  • Branding : This design uses the flat and light objects along with two or three colours to highlight a brand. This makes it very light on resources that in turn affects its performances positively.
  • More engaging UI/UX : Material design is highly suitable to improve upon the user engagement as it can be integrated with responsive and meaningful interaction segments quite easily.
  • Cost effective : This design also saves a lot on the cost as a single design can be used for mobile, website and APP. This has reduced the overhead costs of web designing for multiple platforms.

Mobile friendly web design

As people are increasingly using their mobile phones to buy goods from the Internet, it makes sense to make the ecommerce site optimized to be viewed on the small screen. At present many basic ecommerce websites are not fully optimized for mobile viewing. To access all the features of these websites, a visitor has to use the slider or zoom function. Therefore, when you want to build a website for ecommerce, make sure that you choose a responsive web design.

This will allow the website that you have designed adapt to the screen size of the device on which it is being viewed. Besides, the convenience of viewing the website optimally on the small screen, when a website is optimized to be viewed on a small screen it also provides several other benefits.

Responsive Ecommerce Website Design
  • Improved traffic as more people can access it.
  • Better SEO feature which improves its ranking
  • Better brand advertisement
  • Improved customer engagement

Increased use of voice search

Voice Search in Ecommerce Web Design

As voice search through intelligent virtual assistant like Alexa, Cortana, Siri and others are gaining ground. If you own an online retail company and are looking to improve your website, then you should ask your eCommerce web designers to ensure that voice search feature is integrated into your website to make it more interactive.

Voice search is extremely important for those users who use their mobile phone to access the websites. It allows them the convenience of ordering something just through a voice command. In order to become the best ecommerce website, you have to look at the user experience critically and in this effort voice, the search will help you a great deal.

Nowadays, companies are trying to improve the user engagement with their website through virtual assistant support like that of Alexa. In 2018 more and more designers will use the services of services such as Alexa to improve the user experience and engagement. You can also make use of virtual assistant like Alexa or Augmented reality to make the user interaction with your website more interesting and engaging.

Guided selling option

When you give a contract to an online web designing agency to design the website of your ecommerce company, you should insist on including the guided selling option to your design. This is the perfect feature that all ecommerce design services should focus on.

Any popular ecommerce website has thousands of commodities on display. To improve the user experience and also introduce him to newer products that are introduced, the guided selling option integrated into the website will be a wonderful option.

Guide to Find Relevant Product

In this type of design, there is a questionnaire that takes the main demands of a visitor and after going through the answers provided by the visitor, it provides him with a list of options that closely match with what he is looking for.

Hamburger menus will become more interactive

Informative Hamburger in Ecommerce Web Design

While the hamburger menu in the form of three horizontal lines is there for many years in web designing, many ecommerce website builders have started to experiment with it. They are mainly looking at changing the look of this popular design and also improving its use even further.

To make your website unique, you can ask your web developer to give the traditional hamburger a particular shape (a hamburger will do!) and provide more options for it. As an eCommerce website design company, go for the simple look and put most of the sections under the hamburger menu so that you can project a clean and uncluttered image of the company’s brand.

CSS Grid layout

When you are brainstorming with experts on web application development, you have to frequently experiment with different design features to make the website look cool and trendy. And one of the latest trends that you can use for effective ecommerce solutions is to make use of CSS grid layout.

This two-dimensional design gives more control over different elements of a webpage to the web developer. While the older web browsers were unable to support it, the newly updated browsers are fully optimized for such design layouts.

Grid Layout in Ecommerce Development

Multimedia contents

Multimedia Content for Ecommerce Web Design

In order to improve the personal engagement with the viewers while developing your own personal ecommerce website or even when giving the job to the professionals, always try to include more features make use of multimedia features.

Multimedia features are extremely important for an ecommerce website as they allow the designer to showcase all the products in their full glory. People who want to look at a product can view it from different angles to make up their mind whether they will buy it or not.

Nowadays, interactive graphics design has also made a vital addition to the multimedia feature of a website. Now a visitor can paint the product in different colours and then try to figure out which one he likes the more.

For car companies, the 360-degree tour provided in their websites allow a visitor to experience the viewing of the car in a more engaging way. Similar kind of features is making an appearance on the ecommerce websites.


You should also use the GIFs to and text to provide an interesting animation on the website that is not very resource heavy.

These are some of the new design trends that are popular and does not require a lot of resources allowing the developers to provide affordable web design top with their customers at the same time improving their website’s looks as well as functionalities.

Cinemagraphs for Engaging Website

Make Your Own Online Shopping Website For Your Business

Card Layout Ecommerce Design Trend

The layout that looks like cards

This is another innovative design that we will see more and more in use in different websites. Here small rectangular cards that are filled with colourful images act as an entry point for the viewers to get more comprehensive and detailed information about a subject.

The amazing thing about this kind of design is that it can be used for different kind of contexts and is easy to understand by the viewer.

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