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How to do Ecommerce SEO?

If you have an ecommerce website then you should not only focus on its smooth functioning, but also make special efforts to advertise it so that your target audience can know about your product and services.

As you are using the Internet as a platform to reach out to your customers, it makes sense that you should optimise your on-site and off-site SEO for better brand recognition.

In this article we will give you latest and proven ecommerce SEO tips that will not only improve the user experience of your website but also help in getting faster organic visits and boosting your sales.

Comprehensive Research

Whenever you planning for ecommerce website SEO, you should do a comprehensive research on those keywords that are highly searched.

Additionally, you should also explore how your major competitors in the online market are using different ecommerce marketing strategies to improve their brand recognition. These are extremely important due to several reasons, one of these is, if you do not use the right keyword in your SEO strategy, then your business will not be able to get desired visits which in turn will affect your company’s profitability adversely.

Competitor analysis

For research, we suggest that you look at Google’s Keyword Planner and find out those keywords which are relevant to your ecommerce website.

Make sure the keywords you choose have a higher volume (more than 300) and also the lowest competition score.

The second part of this research is to figure out what kind of keywords your main competitors in the market are targeting. This data will give you an idea of the competition you are facing.

After a clear understanding of the various challenges posed by your competitors, you can make an seo strategy for ecommerce website to successfully meet this challenge and get a higher ranking than your competitors.

Website Audit

After you have selected some high-volume keywords, the next part that you should focus on to improve the ranking of your website is about providing smooth buying experience to your customers.

For this, you can use search console and other website audit tools to find what are the issues related to your website that not only affects the user experience of your customers but also drag your ranking down.

There are many online service providers that will do complete web analysis of your website and give you a comprehensive report regarding any shortcoming in your website. These shortcomings could be in the form of opening time of your website, missing headers, duplicate content, error redirects and so on. PageSpeed Insights is one of the best tool provided by Google for testing your website’s performance.

Website audit

Once you figure out what are the issues that are affecting your website, then you should go ahead and solve each of them so that your website gets the best possible ranking on any search engine results page.

If you are a non-technical person then it is better to hire seo company who will perform all necessary jobs mentioned in this blog as well as optimize website as per latest algorithm updates. We-Guru Technolabs are providing guaranteed seo services at affordable packages. contact us if you are planning to do seo of your website.

On Page Optimisation

For a result oriented ecommerce seo, you must focus on both on page and off page SEO optimisation.

On page optimisation is one of the most important parts of the ecommerce SEO strategy. On page optimisation strategy can be categorised into eight different segments. You have to focus on each one of them to improve the ranking of your website dramatically.

These eight segments and the features are as follows.

Optimising your keywords

To optimise your keywords you must include relevant keywords in your blog title, header, subheaders, image description, URL’s, meta descriptors, content and so on.

The structure of your website

When you are building a website for your business, make sure the structure is properly optimised for easy browsing. The easier it is to access all the information on your website, the more weightage your website will get. It is a sign of good user experience and now search engine put more weight on nicer user experience as well.

Linking of pages

This is another important part that you should focus on when you are building your ecommerce website. Make sure that all the pages of your website are internally linked so that the search engine crawler can access all the information you have provided there. Additionally, if all your web pages are linked internally, then it will become easier for the user to easily access all the information. This will improve their experience which in turn will get your website more weightage from the search engine algorithm.

Ease of use

Even if you are spending a large amount of money on ecommerce marketing but have not optimised your website for easy accessibility, then all your effort and resources will go in vain. Make sure that all the products and services are properly labelled and clearly displayed with all the information related to it is visible.

Optimised for mobile

Optimised for mobile

Your website must be optimised for mobile view otherwise you will not get a good response from search engine. Nowadays, most people use their mobile phone to buy products online. Therefore, to ensure that your ecommerce seo strategy gives you good result, you should optimise your website for optimal viewing on different screen sizes. For this, we suggest that you should use UI UX design agency services to develop your ecommerce website.

They really are expert in their jobs. They deliver attraction, emotion, engagement and conversion type of experience to the user in your website which ultimately converts a user into a buyer. What else do we need?


You should provide a place for getting reviews from your customers. This has two advantages; one of them is that the customer will feel that their views are taken seriously and you will get an idea what is lacking in your website which you can then rectify to improve the user experience resulting in a higher ranking of your website.


It has become a trend nowadays to offer rich snippets of a website when a viewer looks at an URL by clicking on Google’s results. A snippet is a short phrase, an image or even a word that will give the viewer an idea of what is there on that particular website.

Social media integration

For a credible and highly effective ecommerce seo strategy, you have to use the social media to the hilt. Social media provides you tremendous reach and a unique way to connect with your targeted audiences. For this reason, it scores very high on any ecommerce SEO strategy.

Sales Increased By


Visitors Increased By


Brand Score Increased By


Are you still thinking to start SEO for your store?

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO comprises of lots of activities. The ultimate aim of off-page seo is to increase your brand awareness on related websites in a natural way. Blogging, guest posting, web 2.0, forum, question-answers etc are the activities which should be done for off-page seo.

Test Your Website

Once you have incorporated all the latest SEO strategies on your website, then the next part is to test the website to see whether the strategy is working.

Make sure to use Google Analytics to figure out which keywords are giving you the highest conversion. Test the meta descriptor and titles to find out whether they are optimised for SEO. You can also use A/B testing to improve the conversion rate from the web traffic significantly.


Links, especially high quality natural links play an important role in improving the rank of your ecommerce website. You should focus on getting links from websites with high authority to your website, ensure that it is natural. This will establish the reputation of your own website in the mind of the viewers and will also get you a better ranking in SERP.

Localise Your Focus

Always try to focus on the local market to improve your web traffic. People always believe in local business as they are easy to approach in case there is an issue with the product or services bought on the Internet. Additionally, If the company is local then the time of delivery will also be much shorter. Therefore, never forget to use local marketing techniques to improve your business prospects and also get higher weightage from the search engine.

These are some of the latest ecommerce SEO tips you should keep in mind when you are designing an ecommerce seo strategy to sell your product online by improving the web traffic and conversion rate.

You must realise that SEO strategies are very dynamic in nature and can change any time, so you need to be always aware of what is the new trend in SEO to improve your business prospects.We-Guru Technolabs strongly recommend you to hire seo agency if SEO is not taste of your tongue. Contact us to check suitable seo package for your website. We guarantee you for return over investment.

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