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Top eCommerce Marketing Tips

What is eCommerce marketing?

Starting a business is not enough. To make your business successful you need some of the brilliant and great marketing strategies. Online business is one of the trendiest ways of business not only for these years but also in the future.

An eCommerce Marketing is an arrangement of showing thoughts and products that when joined together can attract more users to your online business store, increased conversion rate and furthermore boost sales. The main motive of eCommerce Marketing is to run a profitable online store which promises for exponential growth.

Now the Question is how to grow your business using eCommerce marketing strategies?

This guide will cover all the main ecommerce marketing strategy and procedures that each e-commerce business owner must perform to expand their business, improved conversion rate and boost purchases, hence helping them to run an effective online business.

What is eCommerce Marketing?

1. Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is the base of effective ecommerce marketing strategy, because it is best method to urge and convince your customers to buy more products compare to other methods.

As we all know just a few customers purchase on an e-Commerce storeduring the very first visit. This implies to increase your income, you should focus around how to connect and get the customers backto your site.A customer needs to visit your store several times for clearing all doubts about their choices and after that they purchase products.

So, the most ideal approach and an easy way to get back to your customer is to invite them through attractive email supporters. You need to create email template designs for the same. Here are the reasons:

A report suggests that 66% of clients have purchased some products because of email advertising or email marketing.

To get the email address of your customer, try following marketing methods:

a)When a user jumps to your website, display a pop-up box after some time, ask them for the name and email address of your customer. Offer them freebies in exchange with email. By this way, you will get the email address of the customer so that you can notify him/her about the new deals and the product he/she has viewed.
b) Gather emails at checkout
c) Gather emails in live chat
d) Get email through support channel

Email marketing strategy is the best way to stay in touch with your clients, send those supportive data and offer your products.

2. Promotions via social media

Promotions via social media

Social media is one of the golden corridors to promote your business throughout the world to get more clients. But it’s very difficult to figure out that which social platform is the best for business marketing strategies.

Social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google plus and much more. If you going to spread your business to the entire social media platform it takes too much time and you won’t get time for other activities.

The solution is, you can schedule your posts for eCommerce website marketing on social media for one month and that will save your time, so you can do other activities for your business.

But the question arises- Where to contribute your effort and how to focus on your target audience. An ever-increasing number of customers are utilizing internet-based life platforms to find products and making these platforms a perfect way to connect with your potential clients.

Diverse social media networks offer different chances and need particular marketing strategies to get your advertising message across and produce traffic to your store.

For example, Facebook is an incredible platform to share fun substance which gets shared and enjoyed by individuals and use viral advertising methods. For a brand with very visual, premium items Instagram and Pinterest give a superior stage to connect with clients. For DIY items, make item recordings viral, YouTube is an incredible stage.

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3. Write Unique content

Awesome content dependably wins over the target audience and prompts high conversion rates for e-commerce market.

Content doesn’t mean you have to post only texts, but you can also use some of the interesting marketing strategies like unique video, audio, postcards to improve user engagement on your eCommerce store.

The beginning stage of composing extraordinary content is to identifying and researches your target clients. For example, in the event that you sell handbags, it’s obvious to expect that your e-commerce store would be visited generally by young ladies. To draw in these ladies to the store, you can compose a post like “5 Handbags for that glorious wedding Dress”. So how does this help? Ladies assembling their wedding dress would look into handbags for wedding day on Google. She sees your article and navigates to peruse more, there she sees a couple of handbags and proceeds to find more. Nothing constructs a strong connection with your clients other than awesome content.

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4. Upgrade for Mobile world

Having a mobile website builds the frequency of a client to buy more on your e-commerce site by 67%. Truth be told, around 33% of all purchases are made on mobile. This implies keeping in mind the end goal to expand your e-commerce business, you should give the best mobile experience to customers.

Tips to increase User experience of customers

A couple of things you ought to remember:

  • Ensure your site is responsive
  • Enhance website look
  • Ensure your website loads quickly on mobile
  • Upgrade your mobile site menus
  • Making easy the checkout procedure

Another way to build mobile audience is to create a mobile application for your eCommerce store. This is the most proven way for building and maintaining your audience perfectly.

5. Reduce abandoned carts

Not all the clients that your online store gets proceeds to make a buy. There are various reasons that can lead a client to abandon their cart. This implies that for some reason the majority of your clients that add items to your cart won’t purchase from you.

So it depends upon you to do your best to convince them to return and complete their orders. Connect with these potential clients utilizing personalized emails that push them to finish their abandoned sale.

Give your clients a jaw-dropping offer to force them to return and finish their purchase. You can likewise retarget these clients using some targeting tools.

A couple of things you can do to decrease your shopping cart abandonment are:

• Start sending shopping cart abandonment emails and notifications.
• Improve your checkout and make it simple
• Offer free delivery
• Give them a limited period offer which makes them buy instantly

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6. Customer Feedback

Communicating with your clients keep the relations and connections stronger. Offering support, especially post-sale support is fundamental for e-commerce business achievement. Communication channels like live chat, telephone, and email support and reacting to inquiries via Social media shows that you are responsive to your clients.Additionally, you can create a support portal for your customers where they can track all their support tickets till date.

Gathering reviews and feedback from your clients can enable you to increase important bits of knowledge about your business. Today the vast majority of the web-based business stores coordinate live chat to offer continuous help for customers who are stuck on any phase of e-commerce channel.

How to manage long-term relationship with clients?

7. Product Review

Product review is one of the best ways to increase sale of any products. A product review can help the customer to take the decision of buying products.

More often, clients utilize live chat during the checkout procedure to clear any questions that they may have because before purchasing anything, the customer probably wants to read the review for that product.

So it’s a very great idea to ask your customers to leave their review on products. It has many impacts if you ask customers about their experience they feel important as well as if product review was not good you can improve the quality and if it was good then other people like to purchase it.

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8. Multiple Languages for ecommerce store

If you launch your store, in one language then you may not get all those customers who don’t understand that language.

As per the latest e-commerce trends, users are building their stores multilingual as the store is used by all the people residing all over the world. So it will become a great feature to provide storage in the local language.

An eCommerce store in many languages opens your chances to engage more customers from all over the world. For example, if you launch your eCommerce app also in the French language there are more chances to engagement of French people.

9. Referral discounts

Referral discounts are great showcasing strategies to advance your e-commerce store, particularly to achieve new clients. You can create so by just letting your customer refer a friend of his/her to do purchase from your store and in turn, he/she will get an extra 10% discount or anything like that. In this way, it will form a chain of customers and it will automatically expand your business.

Offering discounts and sales on products can increase sales of online store and engage more people in your eCommerce store.

10. Offer free Delivery

The most compelling reason why individuals surrender shopping carts without purchasing is that they are given sudden unexpected costs at checkout time which is obviously the delivery cost. There are a lot of reasons that demonstrate that online customers are four times more likely to purchase an item from your site if the online store offers free delivery.

Alternately, a major number of customers go to checkout pages, and when they discover shipping charges included at the last stage, they abandon their carts.

In the event that you can’t offer free delivery, ensure to do not let your customer know how you are going to play with delivery charges. On the off chance, you can set off the delivery costs from your product price.

Offer free Delivery

11. Track Shipping Orders

Clients are constantly anxious to realize that when they would get their ordered items. Once a client pays for the item on an online business store, he/she is energetically sitting tight for his/her shipment to arrive. Inform your customers if shipping is delayed. Shipping times may get delayed, and postponements of products may happen because of the transportation problem, distance and many more.

Helping your clients through eCommerce store to track their orders effectively by sending notifications about the status of their order is a fantastic method for reducing the curiosity of getting an item delivered. Most delivering suppliers currently have created solutions that can help your clients to know about their order status. If a client finds out the delivery of the product from your online store slow, he/she may not buy from your site next time as your clients have to wait longer for their product to arrive.

It’s great idea to provide feature of tracking orders of shipment that will give
Assurance to customers that their orders will be safely delivered in few days.

Latest example of tracking is Food Delivery Apps, they let their customers see the delivery of order on the map. They can track minute of a delivery boy.

12. SEO

SEO works gradually, but SEO is long term marketing strategy to bring huge traffic to ecommerce store. You can use lots of digital marketing strategy you can use like PPC, on page, of page and many other activities.

This is very slow but the most effective method of marketing if you are thinking for long term results.

You need to hire SEO experts to achieve your results as this job cannot be done by one person. It needs a solid team.


We have investigated a few e-commerce strategies to make the online business a winning adventure. We have noticed that it is not a one time or overnight job. You need to constantly build and upgrade your eCommerce marketing strategies which suit to your clients. To do this, you need a solid marketing team. Hiring an existing team will return you quicker than building a new team for your company. We offer free consultation for your eCommerce stores, contact us if you want to discuss a marketing strategy for your store.

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