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How to create an APK file in Android using Android Studio?

The Android APK (Android Package) is a package file which consists of the drivers for the installation and distribution of any software application onto Google’s android application system.

Building APK files through Android studio

There are various kinds of techniques to create APK files one of them is by Android studio.

At first you have to decide whether to create a new APK or proceed with the older one and choose it from the Build menu and export it to the main page.

Method 1 :-

The main page would be opted for ‘Generating Signed APK’. This is for the project you are working on older times. And you could create new project by doing few more steps.

By right clicking on Build menu -> Select Generate Signed Apk select destination folder and give name to your .apk file and fill all the required details.

The next pop-up will be of ‘Key Store’ in this you will be having two options to create a new or take on the older. This method is for the old works so you should select the existing key store. Follow the steps given below.

  • Select Existing Keystore-> Enter password->Select Alias and Key Password

  • Key alias Selection-> Select Use existing key->Select Alias->Enter Password
    Then by clicking next you have to give destination location and name to your .apk file and the key certificate would be checked by that as it’s an old work.
  • Create New Keystore-> Fill requirements of the form and now you can do it for your new projects also.Please follow below steps :


Then press next button and finish button. Your signed apk is in App folder app-release.apk.

Method 2 :-

Now the main page is opted for ‘Generating Debug APK’ is for creating a new project.

  • By right clicking on the Build menu->Select build APK. Here you have to do an extra step of selecting your Debug APK from app/build/outputs/apk folder app-debug.apk.
  • Click on next button and proceed further by giving destination location and name to your .apk file.

And that’s it you are done now. The APK File is ready for use.

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