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If you Can’t login into the admin panel of Magento, Check the solution given below.

Manier times it happens that Magento admin doesn’t allow you to login after installation.

After long time searching and research in Magento, we found the solution. Today We will explain you about the problem and the solution.

First of all, what is Magento?

Magento is one of the Opensource for E-commerce Websites. It is a top-level open source in E-commerce category.

Now time to explain the problem and the solution of the problem.


While installing Magento on xampp version 2.5 you have provided admin username and password. After installation finished you no longer login with your admin account.

In fact, in the “Log in to Admin Panel” window whenever you provide wrong password/username combination it displays “Invalid Username or Password.” But whenever you provide correct password it does not show anything.

Though a new URL like is displayed on the address bar.Everytime you do this you can’t log in to the admin panel.

Reason of the problem

Do you know why this problem occurs? The problem occurs because magneto could not store cookies. We run it as localhost and localhost is not true domain but to store cookies we need a domain. That’s why login stops without saying any word.

Now the time comes for solutions. There are two solutions to this problem which are shown below:


First Solution

In different forums, I saw they mentioned connecting as http://localhost/magento/index.php/admin will fail but if you connect as it will work. But in my case IP address in the URL did not work too.

I made it work into whenever I changed my browser. Suppose I installed Magento using google chrome browser and I open admin URL into my firefox window and it worked. Though in the firefox the URL http://localhost/magento/index.php/admin did not work, but URL worked fine.

Second Solution

Go to app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Session/Abstract/Varien.php file within your magento directory.

Find the code:


and replace with


After this save the file. And try to login into the admin.

I think it will work now.

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Ravi Makhija

Ravi Makhija

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