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  • 2016

How to Boost Business from Wholesaler to Retailer?

As a business person, our main aim in fruitful business is to get a new customer as well as a long term relationship with old customers. Especially when you are in wholesale market, you need to take care of many things on view point of wholesaler because you are dealing between demand and production.

If demand increases, production increases and vice versa if demand decreases, production decreases. As you are the supplier of market, you need to have a look on some issues.

You can get more customers with the help of below 5 points:

1) Product information

Information about your dealing product! Yes, I am talking about the detailed information. As a whole seller if you are going to represent your product then at first you should have knowledge about that product which you are going to represent.

2) Special offer


Put some special offers in front of the customer which explores discount. Have some flexibility in price it will attract your customer. You can adapt a trick over here, for instance, Mr. Charley is your new customer. You have approached him very well. In the beginning be flexible in price for him. As and when you found that now Mr. Charley is addicted to use your product, you may increase price.

3) Treat well

Always treat your customer in a very well and effective manner. Try to understand their want and compare the difference between what they want and what you are providing.

4) Conducts follow up

Be in touch with people you have approached. In a simple term follow up means you can ask for them that they are interested to deal with you or not. If they are not interested then ask reason for them as well as give some suggestions which are helpful for him.

5) Solve their doubts

At last, after following all of the above four steps solve their doubts if he/she may have. If your customers are clear with all the doubts then there are more chances to click them.

In a nutshell, if a customer knows your qualitative product detail, If he/she is aware with discount offer as well as your good behavior, he/she is in your constant touch and clear with all the doubts then you will definitely get success.

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Ravi Makhija

Ravi Makhija

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