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Best WordPress SEO Plugins (and SEO Tools) to Make SEO Optimized Website

WordPress is a most used CMS today for website development. But do you think that having a website is enough? It will not be fruitful to you if you just develop WordPress website and do not do any marketing related activities for website.There are lots of WordPress plugins available in the market for doing SEO activities.Some claim to be good but only a few to be the best, to be precise. You will find many of the SEO Plugins and SEO Tools but get the best out of it.

Let us see below, the ones which are only the best available:

Yoast SEO

There are a substantial number of SEO plugins available out of which Yoast SEO is the most recommended SEO plugin. The reason why it is considered the best is that you can SEO optimization in real time. You are also able to see how good or bad your search will look like on Google SERP. Yoast SEO helps you to edit the meta title as well as the description to make it look more SEO and user friendly. Not only does it give you the best updates but also boasts of a lovely interface which is user-friendly as well. It makes your blog posts, and pages of the product stand out.

Moreover, features like search query optimization as well as internal link suggestions which inform users about which location to access on the website, make Yoast SEO the best of all the SEO Plugins and SEO Tools. The readability feature helps in letting the admin know where to give a break to a paragraph so that the whole essence of the sentence is not lost. It is also capable of detecting duplicate content available on multiple pages of the website.

What is the second best available?

Rel NoFollow Checkbox

Rel NoFollow Checkbox is an SEO plugin for those who like to affiliate their site and have affiliate links along with them. A search engine would want to know how good or bad the connection is, and the better the link, the better is the chance of the website to appear more and more on the first page of Google search. To see whether the links are not hampering the site rankings is to add Rel NoFollow Checkbox attributes to all links which do not let the link influence the overall external site rankings.

All in One SEO

If someone is looking for a viable option for a complete SEO suite which has all the tools to work at the backend, then “All in One SEO” is the best, second only to Yoast SEO. All in One SEOoffers premium features as well as excellent support for a longer duration. It comes with already inbuilt features as well as great applications such as sitemap support, google analytics support and advanced canonical URL by default. It is preferred because of the excellent customer support it provides to its clients. The sitemaps are sent directly to Google search as well as Bing. It is easy to use by both beginners as well as advanced level SEO users. It is most suitable for multi-site organizations as well as agencies. Hence, can be cited as one of the best SEO Plugin that is currently available.

How does SEO framework help?

How does SEO framework help

SEO Framework is a fast and a lightweight SEO plugin for WordPress SEO. This kind of plugin does its work without any Ad or upsells. Other SEO plugins like Yoast and All in one have a lot to do with ratings of the SEO as it provides more flexible options for targeting topics like slightly off the track words or synonyms. It controls the post’s SEO settings out of which a colored scale method helps in determining the accuracy to which our post is correct so that it is most commonly searched on Google SERP. This feature of theSEO framework plugin helps in optimizing a position, an element which is not present in Yoast SEO.

Moreover, it provides an excellent interface for beginners, and even the API is open for advanced users who can explore and experiment with this plugin. It is an all-inclusive plugin and offers advanced functions with a large extension bank. It provides comprehensive SEO settings so that there is no hassle while setting up this plugin. This plugin tends to focus more on the natural form of writing.

Broken link checker

Broken link checker is an SEO plugin which scans through the website and identifies broken links which are then populated on this plugin so that it can be checked and then be either removed or some better references can be recommended.

Once the links have been corrected, Google gives a go-ahead that the site is protected as well as SEO friendly. It not only does identify broken links but also helps in preventing search engines following the fractured links present on your website.

SEO squirly

For people who don’t consider themselves as SEO experts, they can easily install SEO squirly and learn the art of SEO. This is because it is user-friendly and without any pre-loaded complicated elements. It is as simple as you are typing, and suggestions keep pouring in as to which is the most preferred word that needs to be used to optimize the article to be picked by the search engine. The suggestions are being highlighted by a series of green lights which gets activated in real time.

A lot of time is saved because it helps in query optimization as it is done in real time while the article is being drafted, whereas if you see in Yoast SEO, you often need to protect the article again and again to see recommended suggestions as well as results. Also, if you want to analyze your competition, then that too can also be done through this plugin. It also facilitates creating Content reports which can be sent to other people in your organization. You can easily monitor the progress of your website or page on a weekly basis with this plugin.

How do you know which is the best WordPress SEO for you?

SEO can be very complicated if you are not aware of how to use the right tool. You may wonder which WordPress SEO plugin to be best suited for you and your work. However, you can only find it when you spend some quality time understanding and learning as to how the keywords are planned, the reporting and the competitor analysis.

If you are still unsure about these plugins and not sure what to do, then you should consult an SEO agency who has a team of marketers. They have experts in each activity of marketing and they can handle your website SEO more effectively and professionally.

Get the best SEO tool for your website:

Get the best SEO tool for your website:

Once you have installed SEO plugins and started SEO activities then you will need SEO tools for your website analysis and competitor website analysis.

How to search of the best SEO tools? We have listed for you the best SEO tools.

SEMRush: If you are starting with your SEO, then SEMRush merely is the best for you. SEMRush has a straightforward interface which makes it very easy for the user to understand. You will get the competitor analysis and the keyword research for both your website and your competitors.

Accuranker: Want to track your keywords? Accuranker does this for you. It traces the keywords daily and manually refreshes the ratings of the keywords. Monitoring by its state, city, and zip code is available. Moreover, the keyword tracking is done by additional analytics data like traffic per keyword, search volume and traffic potential.

Google Keywords planner: This is also a powerful tool but best only if you do not want to spend money on buying SEO tools for your website. Google Keywords planner is considered as one of the best SEO plugins used as it provides lots of website data without any cost.. It is best for those running a small and local business.

SEOquake: SEOquake works as a Chrome extension, and you can hence navigate from pages to pages and conduct SEO on it. The extra links along with domains and URL’s can be checked.

KWFinder: If you have a budget, then KWfinder is perfect for you. It starts at $29.08 per month and can increase to $79.08 per month. You get five lookups in a time frame of 24 hours. KWfinder supports you for SERP analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, and rank tracking.

Ahrefs: It is one of the best SEO tools available on the web. Ahrefs provides many of the ways to check the organic keywords, paid keywords and referring domains mainly by tickets, charts, and graphs. It is one of the best and the largest backlink database. You can also see people who are using and interacting with your brands.

Copyscape:Copyscape is one of the most used SEO tools. This tool helps you to check the percentage of the content of the words that are being copied from another site.

You can select one of these SEO tools based on your requirements and frequency of use. Select the one that will be perfect to optimize your website and help you with enhancing the probability of the article being ranked higher in every search.


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