8 Best Scooter Apps In 2024 [Features & Development Cost]

Published On: June 22, 2022
Last Updated: March 5, 2024
8 Best Scooter Apps In 2024 [Features & Development Cost]

The craze for micro-mobility services is increasing at a tremendous rate worldwide. Especially e-scooters are becoming a preferred mode of transportation for users across the globe. If you live in the USA, Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland, you must have observed e-scooters on the road.

People now utilize electric scooter rides for transportation to different places like classes, offices, and more. In the coming years, e-scooters will become the preferred method of daily commute for many people worldwide.

Many entrepreneurs and businesses are investing heavily in this sector by considering its growth. If you also want to establish an electric scooter business, it is crucial to look at the best scooter apps in the industry. Therefore, here we have curated the most popular e-Scooter apps in the industry for your inspiration.

Before we look at the e-scooter apps, we will go through the current position of electric scooter apps in the market and their future scope.

Growth of Electric Scooter Sharing Startups

Let us look at some of the latest statistics of electric scooter-sharing startups.

  • According to Statista, the revenue e-scooter sharing market is expected to be US$2,041.00m in 2024. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.52% between 2024 to 2028 and is anticipated to reach US$3,045.00m by 2028.
  • As per a Nacto study in 2021, shared micro mobility ridership in the U.S. nearly rebounded with 112 million trips.
  • Arizona State University and Ryerson University conducted a survey in 2020 and found that people now utilize e-scooters for transportation purposes.
  • By 2027, in the e-scooter sharing sector, 100% of total revenue will be generated through online sales.

After understanding the demand for electric scooter sharing startups, let us check the most popular electric scooter sharing apps.

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8 Best Electric Scooter Apps

Here is the list of well-known electric scooter apps along with their features.

1. Bird – Electric Vehicle Sharing App

It is a famous scooter-sharing company situated in Santa Monica, California. The company was founded in 2017. It provides services in 350+ cities across Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

The company is highly passionate about offering micro-mobility services. Their main aim is to establish communities that believe in low traffic, cleaner air, and safer streets.

With the help of the Bird ride-sharing app, you can locate your e-scooter and unlock it. It allows you to rent a ride for a dollar plus 15 cents a minute.

Besides this, the app provides you with the nearest scooter ride with the latest details about the charges. Considering these things, it is one of the best electric scooter apps in the market.

Bird is constantly raising funds over the years to expand its operations worldwide. As per Crunchbase, Bird has raised $883 million in funding with 12 rounds. The company conducted its last funding round on May 16 2022, and raised $100million.

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Bird, the electric vehicle sharing app’s current estimated revenue in 2024 is $175M with $883M funding.

Bird - Electric Vehicle Sharing App

Image Credit: Bird

Features of the Bird App

  • With the help of a group-ride feature, you can book multiple e-vehicles on one smartphone.
  • GPS allows you to do real-time tracking.
  • The app offers different payment options, such as PayPal, credit card, and more.
  • QR code enables you to lock or unlock an electric scooter easily.

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2. Lime – Your Ride Anytime

Lime is a popular on-demand transportation and rental company from Francisco, USA. Founded in 2017, Lime has become one of the leading dockless electric scooters and a bike-sharing company.

Lime provides electric vehicle rides on scooters, bikes, and mopeds in 150+ countries worldwide. This ride-sharing startup’s primary purpose is to give access to smart and economical rides to users worldwide along with reducing carbon footprint.

Lime provides various dockless electric bikes that users can locate with the help of GPS and unlock via a QR-code on the Lime app. It charges $1 to unlock electric bikes & scooters and 15 cents per minute in the United States. For bicycles, it charges $1 for a half-an-hour ride.

Within a year of launch, Lime raised $335 million in funding from Uber & GV. The company decided to invest these funds in expanding operations, building new technologies & products for users, and enhancing infrastructure and team.

By constantly raising funds, Lime started offering its services in Madrid (capital of Spain) and Sydney (a city in Australia) to provide better competition to its competitors.

Lime has raised $523 million in an oversubscribed round in Nov 2021. The company will invest a small part of these funds in decarbonizing the supply chain, thus providing highly sustainable scooters to users.

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Lime’s estimated annual revenue in 2022 is $169.1M, and total funding is $1.5B.

Lime - Your Ride Anytime

Image Credit: Lime

Features of the Lime App

  • Determine the nearest Lime electric scooter.
  • Unlock the vehicle with the help of a QR code or by entering the registered ID.
  • Make payment via a secure payment gateway.

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3. Skip Scooters App

Skip is a San-Francisco-based electric scooter sharing company launched by Boosted Board in 2017. It works on the slogan “The Best Way to Get There.” It offers scooter-sharing services in some American cities.

The company builds durable scooters for the users. It integrates bigger batteries, provides instructional classes, and tests vehicles in cities prior to rolling them. According to Crunchbase, the company has conducted six funding rounds and has raised $131 million.

Due to its ability to locate nearby scooters in the region, Skip is considered one of the best scooter apps.

Skip Scooters App

Image Credit: Skip Scooters

Features of the Skip Scooters App

  • The app enables users to locate nearby electric scooters.
  • It allows users to book their rides in advance. Hence, they don’t need to rush in the end.
  • Users can unlock the electric scooter using the QR code generated in the Skip app and start their ride.
  • Users can end their ride on the sidewalk without putting the scooter on the dock or locking it.
  • Make payment for the ride via any popular payment method.

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4. Spin – Electric Scooters

Spin is basically an electric-scooter and bike-sharing company started by Derrick Ko, Euwyn Poon, and Zaizhuang Cheng in 2016. It is formerly known as Skinny Labs and is a unit of Ford Motor Company.

The company initiated its operations with only 500 electric bicycles and offered more than 5000 rides to the users. Currently, Spin is offering its services in 70+ cities & campuses across North America and Europe.

The main aim of Spin is to revolutionize cities and communities by providing accessible, cost-effective, and durable forms of personal mobility.

Spin has raised a sufficient amount of funding from venture capitalists across the globe.

Spin - Electric Scooters

Image Credit: Spin

Features of the Spin App

  • A built-in map to track down the nearest e-scooters.
  • Using the schedule ride feature, you can book your ride in advance.
  • Utilize a QR code to unlock the scooter and start riding.
  • Save your payment information and get a free ride.

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5. Dott

It is a well-known electric ride-sharing company providing services in Europe. The electric bike allows users to ride freely in traffic and reach their destination on time by paying a few percent of what they pay for car-sharing.

The app enables you to locate an electric bike or scooter and reach from one point to another without any hindrance. Dott provides really eye-catchy vehicles that are convenient and climate-friendly. Moreover, Dott provides service 24*7. Hence, it is on this list of the best electric scooter apps.

The core mission of Dott is to provide clean rides for everyone. Hence, it offers highly affordable and accessible rides to reduce pollution and congestion. By adopting electric vehicles, you would set an example for upcoming generations.


Image Credit: Dott

Features of the Dott App

  • Use a map to locate a nearby vehicle.
  • Scan with a QR code to unlock a vehicle, and you are good to go.
  • Choose a discount or a pass to save some money for the ride.

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6. WIND – Smart E-Scooter Sharing

WIND is another well-known electric-scooter app in the market. It is owned by WIND Mobility, a Berlin and Barcelona-based company begun in 2017 by Eric Wang. It provides bright and zero-emission electric scooters to ride through the entire city.

WIND is one such scooter app that doesn’t require any kind of keys, cash, ID cards, or deposits. Users have to tap on one thing in the app, and the scooter gets unlocked. The company ensures safe rides by providing robust quality scooters. Also, it offers rides at a low cost so that everyone can afford the rides.

It provides suitable solutions from hourly or daily rents in various cities, companies, hotels, and universities. It also offers employee bonus programs for the clients.

According to TechCrunch, WIND Mobility has raised $72 million in 2022 from HV Capital and Source Code Capital.


Image Credit: WIND

Features of the WIND App

  • Using GPS, users can find nearby e-scooters.
  • Scan the QR code from the app to unlock the vehicle.
  • Pay using a credit card or PayPal.

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7. Scoot Kick

It is an original shared electric vehicle company that started its services in San Francisco in 2012. The company had a chance to operate in San Francisco under a program initiated by SFMTA.

The new fleet of electric vehicles from Scoot is perfectly suitable for the last-mile ride. Whether you want to go on an early morning ride, date right, or a weekend ride, Scoot kick scooters are there for you. You can take Scoot’s shared electric scooters from anywhere and drop them wherever you like in the city.

Moreover, the electric vehicles from Scoot are serviced professionally.

The company’s primary mission is to decrease carbon emissions and traffic continuously affecting the cities. Moreover, Scoot riders in San Francisco claim that they have stopped millions of pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

Scoot Kick

Image Credit: Scoot Kick

Features of the Scoot Kick App

  • Discover electric scooters around your vicinity.
  • Unlock the scooter using the QR code on the app.
  • Make payment using the desired payment method.

8. GOAT – Scooter Rental

GOAT is the most well-known dockless electric sharing company offering service in Austin. It started providing services in 2018 after getting official permission from the Austin transportation agency. It started operations with just 20 electric scooters even though it had a permit of 500.

It allows users to find the e-scooters from the app and ride through the entire city. Currently, GOAT scooters are available across various cities and campuses in the USA. Besides this, the company allows anyone to start their own fleet by making a partnership.

By providing partnerships, GOAT has begun providing dockless electric sharing scooters at locations where still some of the leading scooter-sharing companies haven’t reached.

GOAT - Scooter Rental

Image Credit: GOAT

Features of the GOAT App

  • It offers a map to discover the closest GOAT.
  • Scan the vehicle using the QR code in the app.
  • With the help of a schedule feature, book your scooter in advance.
  • Integrate your account with social media and share location details with friends to ride together.

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Electric Scooter App?

The cost of developing an e-scooter mobile app ranges from $20,000 to $50,000. However, the final app development cost will be impacted by various factors, like features, complexity, development approach, developer location & experience, etc.

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If your budget is flexible, you can add advanced features like multi-lingual support and social media integration and grab the attention of more audiences. The approximate cost of an app with advanced features is $75,000 onwards.

Final Words

From the above e-scooter apps, you must have understood that the craze for electric scooter startups is getting higher worldwide. Also, various venture capitalists are constantly investing in such startups. It indicates that there is still an opportunity for startups and new-age entrepreneurs to join this industry.

If you want to start an e-scooter business along with a mobile app, reach out to us.

Guru TechnoLabs is a leading e-scooter app development company. We have talented professionals who have delivered mobile apps for scooter sharing startups. Hence, we can understand your business needs and provide you with the most suitable solution.

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