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Best free resources to learn SEO

Confusion about what are the best resources for learning SEO?

Being a beginner or new in SEO, choosing resources to learn seo is quite difficult. There are lots of eBooks, blogs and tutorials are available on internet. You may confuse where to learn among those plenty of sources. SEO is the field in which you have to be updated always because every day trend is changing and Search Engines are updating their policies (Mostly Google & Bing are giving faster updates). If you got out dated information then it may lead to harm your seo strategy, poor rankings and violation of search engine policies.

So, always choose fresh SEO content to learn SEO concepts. Here is the 3 trusted resources from which you can learn SEO.

  1. Google’s guidelines

Google is the most famous search engine used by people. So we can’t ignore guidelines given by Google & updates from Google, we have to follow them. Google update it’s algorithms frequently to make its SERP(Search Engine Result Page) more and more user friendly.

If you are totally new in SEO field or beginner then it’s most useful resource.

Read  : Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

To know Google updates visit : Google webmaster central Blog

  1. Moz Blog

Moz is another the great resource to learn SEO. Moz’s  guidelines and blog post are very informative because it’s posted by well known and expert SEO’s and internet marketers

Read : The Beginners guide to SEO

To be updated, visit :  Moz Blog and YouMoz

  1. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is also wonderful resource for SEOs, SMOs and Local Search Optimizers. You can get information about all the new search engine’s related updates and new trends

Visit : SEO – Search Engine Land to be master in SEO.

  1. Bonus Point – Your experience.

Your experience can make you understand how search engine works. So, keep doing experiments – it’s the best way to learn SEO.

Get your feet wet.

In the steadily increasing craze of internet marketing & SEO, it’s need to learn SEO.

HappY LearninG.. .

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