Augmented Reality in eCommerce App for Revolutionary Sales Growth

Published On: April 2, 2018
Last Updated: July 5, 2022
augmented reality in eCommerce app

Technologies allow the innovators in us to make exciting new products and one such technology that has the potential of revolutionizing the digital medium is the Augmented Reality.

This new age technology allows the user to cross over into the world of the virtual reality on their smartphones. Thanks to its wide range of applications and ability to give a boost to the user experience, technology companies are using this tech regularly with their products for a better user experience.

If we look at the current technology landscape, then we will find that two of the biggest technology companies Apple and Google have experimented with this tech and are also providing it to their app developers through ARtoolkit(Apple), and ARCore (Google) for the developers to create AR equipped apps for iOS and Google mobile devices.

Apple and Google are both experimenting with AR and VR to ensure that their product provides a better user experiencethan currently possible. Some of the gadgets on which Google is working overtime with its AR thrust are Daydream, Cardboard and Google lenses.

AR – Powerful tool for an eCommerce Industry

AR in eCommerce

If you are working in an app developing company then it is more than likely that you have heard or used this exciting technology. It allows the developer of an app for the mobile phone to view the working of that application in a simulated environment. It allows the developer to find out whether the app has any bugs and if it has, then removes them.

This will allow the user of that app to get aninterruption-free use of that app posts its launch in the app store. If you are an eCommerce android app developer, then you can integrate the AR with your app development routine to understand how you can improve the app you are developing in such a way that it provides a seamless experience to the users.

Use the AR and Grow Business with eCommerce Mobile App

All online companies are increasingly relying on the mobile phones to sell their products to a wide cross-section of people. When you use AR with the mobile app, you are more effective in selling your product to the customers.

The Augmented Reality allows your customers to not only find the right kind of product that will satisfy their needs but also allow them to customize a product that will conform to their tastes in the field of colour or styles.

product customization with AR

This has inspired android and E-commerce iPhone app developer to use it for developing their app for the smartphone users.

The amazing way in which AR enables you to use an idea of the real world and then combine it with computer generated audio and video inspires you to develop new products which will provide the users with a mind-blowing experience.

When you are using the online business model, then not only you have to manage business online, bring new clients to your website but also hold on to the existing customers. In both these scenarios, themobile app can help a great deal. You can not only retain customer with mobile app but also newer traffic to your website.

Grow Business with eCommerce Mobile app

As people are getting more comfortable in using their smartphones to buy or sell goods on the online platforms, they are now relying heavily on eCommerce mobile apps to make this process smoother.

Here we are giving you some of the areas in which the extensive uses of mobile apps for better services are already noticed and this is only going to grow in future.

1. Widespread application of mobile apps in e-commerce

Among several sectors that are taking to the AR big time, e-commerce is in a preeminent position.

There are many readymade eCommerce mobile apps solutions available with AR integration gives the client a virtual tour of what the ultimate look of the product will be like.

virtual tour with AR

Among the several applications of AR in e-commerce. The one that many retail companies are betting big on is the virtual trial. In this, a person can mix and match colour, thefurnishing of a car to decide which one will suit his taste. Similarly, furniture companies make use of this technology to give their clients a virtual tour of what their home would look like when they use some of their furniture.

2. Gaming companies grow business with e-commerce mobile app

augmented reality in gaming

One sector that has given the major fillip to the AR technology is the gaming industry.

Not only has this industry made the games more lifelike and engaging but has also helped devices that are not integrated with AR technology play highly interactive games like Pokémon by making use of their inbuilt GPS.

3. Applying Filters to Photos

People love to share their photos with their friends and family. To serve this purpose there are many social platforms like the Instagram and snapchat.

AR photo editing

To ensure that the photos shared on these platforms are interesting or funny, several photo editing apps have device filters which allow you to add something to your picture. To ensure that these filters are applied rightly, AR plays a big role in the background.

In addition,this field, AR has widespread use in the mobile applications relating to travel & tourism, healthcare, entertainment, education and many more.

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This not only improves the user experience but also help your mobile app to garner more users.

So, come and watch how your idea turns into reality on a mobile screen.

Ravi Makhija
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