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Is your website contained a lot of large sized images? It will reduce the web page loading speed which results in a bad user experience and the low score in Google Page Speed Test.

Page Speed Test of Guru

What is the solution?

Compress your images while keeping the same quality as original. I will provide the list of free online image optimizers. So, you don’t need to download tools to compress your images. Just upload your image which you want to compress & get compressed images.

Free Online Image Compressor List:

1. Tiny PNG

Tiny PNG allows you to compress PNG and JPG files. You can compress up to 20 images at once.

Price: Free [one_half] Flower Image

Original: 137 KB

[/one_half] [one_half_last] Flower Compressed - TinyPNG

Compressed: 30 KB


2. Image Optimizer

Image optimizer allows you to optimize PNG, JPG and GIF images. You can upload up to 2.86 MB image. One can enter the URL of your image or upload the file from the computer.

You have to select the format for optimized image. One disadvantage is, you cannot compress multiple images at once. It compresses the image and show 10 compress images based on quality level.

Price: Free Flower Image 2

Original: 30.8 KB


Compressed Image Quality 90

Quality:90%  Size:30.5KB



Compressed Image Quality 60

Quality: 60% Size: 15.KB



Image Compressed by Image Compressor-20

Quality: 20% Size:7.38KB


3. JPEG Mini

JPEG Mini allows you to compress JPEG images. It reduces the file size of images up to five times smaller and keep the quality same as original images.

Price: Free(Limited Access), Paid Version: Starting from $19.99  [one_half] Flower Image 2

Original: 30.8 KB



Compressed by JPEGMini

Compressed: 19.0 KB


4. Kraken.io

An awesome tool to compress JPG, PNG and GIF images. You can upload multiple images for compression at once (URL Paster and Page Cruncher option are for Premium Users).

You can choose between loosely and lossless optimization mode and resize mode also. You can compress up to 1Mb sized image in the free version.

Price: Free (Limited Access), Paid Version: Starting at $5 per month  [one_half] Flower Image

Original: 137 KB

[/one_half] [one_half_last] Image Compressed by Kraken

Compressed: 112.77KB Lossless


5. JPEG Optimizer

JPEG Optimizer allows you to compress JPEG images. Select compression level between 0 to 99 and you can also select whether you have to resize the original image or not. You cannot compress multiple images at once like TinyPNG.

Price: Free  [one_half] Flower Image 2

Original: 30.8 KB

[/one_half] [one_half_last] Image Compressed by JPEG Optimi

Compressed: 17.1KB, Level- 65


6. CompressNow

Compress Now allows you to compress JPEG images. Just upload images(Max size 9MB) and select compression level. If you upload PNG image then it converts PNG into JPG.

Price: Free  [one_half] Flower Image 2

Original: 30.8 KB

[/one_half] [one_half_last] Image Compressed by CompressNow

Compressed:15.38KB, Level:50%


If your site is in WordPress, then you can also use WordPress plugins for it. Some of them are EWWW Image Optimizer, WP Smush and Tiny Compress Image.


http://images.all-free-download.com/images/graphiclarge/nice_flower_204852.jpg http://nokat.org/media/cartoons/gallery/flowers/flower_(3).png

There are many image compressors are available. I like these six most. Comment the name of your favorite Image Optimizer!!

Need any help in Page Speed Optimization or Image Optimization?

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