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5 Steps To Select The Best Website Platform


In our previousArticle- WHAT IS THE PERFECT STAGE FOR A WEBSITE FOR YOUR BUSINESS? We have already discussed these two things “Steps for Small & New Business Startup?” and “Necessity Of website For Business awareness?”

If you want to be #1 in the competitive market then you should have the best SEO friendly website that can lead your business a successful one than the other business website.

Now everybody knows very well that how to create a website but Do you know how to select the best website platform?

Making a website, you have to purchase an authorized domain name for your business. Then next you have to choose the best website platform where you can build and host your website easily.

To make a successful website is not an easy task. It takes the time to build a website.

There are lots of website platforms but not all of them are good for serious entrepreneurs.

Here we present five steps you should follow in selecting the best website platform:


1. Select The One That Has A Name

Select that website platform which has a name means it should be popular and is trusted be many. Ask your friends or do your own research to find out the best one that has good reviews and is recommended by many owners.

Usually, a website platform that is recommended by many is the one that has proven to get traffic. This is possible when you build a professional and functional website with the platform. Many customers can visit your website conveniently.

Your platform should be capable of providing enough security for your website against hacking.

Try to research on big websites and find out the platform they are utilizing you can have a better idea.

2. Select The One That Gives You Freedom To Design Your Website

Content Management System or CMS lets you design your website. Some platforms are CMS only but other platforms just have CMS functionality. The important thing is that you have a freedom to manage your site’s content.

Some website builders provide their full service and promise their clients that they will do the rest for them. This is not fully satisfaction, to begin with, your website.

Your website is your business, so it is not right and good to let others decide for your business. Never give your freedom to others when it comes to managing and designing your website.

3. Select The One That Is SEO-Friendly

There is no any standard measurement as to SEO friendliness of a website platform. There is no any rule that a platform will give you a significant factor ranking in SERP.

Even some platforms that simply block your website from a search engine unless you update to their premium account. This is the worst platform you may end up with if you are not aware of the SEO friendliness of every platform you are considering.

Your business is the stage where visitors will come. So select that platform which is SEO-friendly.

4. Select The One That Offers A Lot Of Useful Plugins

For beginners, HTML or CSS coding can be intimidating. But if you are making your website with the help of useful plugins, you will have a lot of short-cuts.

Most plugins are designed to help website owners skip that task of coding. Without any plugin, everything you need to do for your website must be done through coding.

The platform that provides a lot of plugins means if provides a lot of features you put on your site. You can use to add e-commerce functionality with ease.

5. Select The One That Is Budget-Friendly

Select a platform that is your budget-friendly means you have a lot of options for whatever budget you have.
You can find the one that lets you start with what little capability you have according to the status of your website.

Benefits Of Using Hosted E-commerce Platforms:

A. Lower Development & Maintenance

B. Better Technical Support

C. Less Complex To Work With

Benefits Of Using A CMS:

A. Better Functionality

B. Better Customizability

C. It Can Support Large Stores And Sophisticated Websites


We Suggest Platforms:

A. WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management system that powers millions of websites. WordPress is our top level choice for building a website. It is not for only beginners but it is widely used by professional developers. WordPress is very powerful and has many powerful features.

Features Of WordPress are mentioned under below:

Built-in Comments
Seo Optimized
Publish with Ease
Publishing Tools
Easy Installation and Updations
Media Management
User Management
Easy Theme System
Own Your Data
Full Standard Compliance
Extend With Features

B. CodeIgniter

Codeigniter is very famous open source PHP frameworks for web application development. It enables to build dynamic web applications and full-featured & the rich set of libraries. It is very easy and fast for faster development. The only way to judge an app is to try it and get to know the code. CodeIgniter is child’s play for installation.

Features Of CodeIgniter are mentioned under below:

Model-View-Controller Based System
Extremely Light Weight
Full-Featured Database Classes and Support For Several Platforms
Query Builder Database Support
Forms and Data Validation
Security & XSS Filtering
Session supported Management
Emails Sending Class.
Supports Attachments, HTML/Text email, Multiple Protocols
File Uploading Class
FTP Class
Full Page Caching
Error Logging
Data Encryption
Calendaring Class
Zip Encoding Class
Template Engine Class
User Agent Class
Application Profiling
Trackback Class
Zip Encoding Class
XML- RPC Library
Unit Testing Class
Hooks and Class Extensions
Library of Helper Functions


Laravel is a free, open-source PHP based web framework. It is Model-view-controller which makes it more useful than PHP. It is a widespread good coding framework in all others. Laravel is the only framework that can make PHP code look very beautiful and developers are enjoying using this easy framework.

Features Of Laravel are mentioned under below:

Routing Features
Unit Testing
Application Logic
View Composers
Automatic Pagination


Every platform and cms have its own pros and cons. Select which right platform it depends on your business model and project requirements.

If you are looking for more information please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to assist you.

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