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7 Free ways to increase downloads for your App

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Just developing a good app is not enough to get a huge number of app downloads.

You have to create app marketing strategy to get good exposure to your app. You have to reach your targeted audience.

Try these tips while making your app marketing strategy.

1. Hype Early

If you have a unique app, then start hyping early. Let people in on the secret before launching the app. You can add “Coming Soon apps” to your website & can also on Social Media

2. Make an awesome Screenshots & Record Demo

Screenshots create great impact on people while seeing your app, if your screenshots are attractive then people will surely download the app. Otherwise, it may happen that people will visit your app page, but they leave the page without downloading because the app was unable to attract the audience.

Create the best demo video. If you developed the game then, demo video is the most important. It will show how interesting your game is.

In short, app store optimization is the most important if you want the ton of downloads.

3. Spin an existing category

Very few apps can create a new category on play store. So, if your app idea is totally different than other apps, then your app can create the new category. That is the greatest thing if your app will get to the spin of an existing category.

4. Make use of Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest)

Use social media as much as possible. It will help you to reach to your potential audience. Share you app story on social media and always try to answer the queries & feedback of customers as early as possible.

5. Launch Big

When you launch your app make it big. Hit all social media, write up blogs, write a press release. Use the newsletter to send your new story to your customers.

You can run contests related your app and give prizes that make sense for your category.

6. Get Reviews

Acquire quality reviews for your app. It creates the nice impact on the user because people always read average 5 to 6 reviews about your app before downloading it. So, the quality review will help to increase download app.

Review not only helps users to download a good app but also helps to get high rankings in Play Store.

But the question is how to acquire reviews?

Acquiring quality reviews are the really difficult thing. The past year research said that only 36% people that left the review on the app store in the past year.

Who gives the review? Who likes your app very much or who hates your app

The others are neutral, they use your app, but they didn’t give review

The research said that negative reviews are more than positive reviews because people those are not satisfied with your app are mostly given their feedbacks from their review.

So, acquire more quality reviews, you have to motivate the neutral party (using your app, but your app is not his/her most favorite but also they don’t hate your app) to give reviews.

You can add push message to motivate users to give a review.

7. Network with Other developers

Reach out to your business network and ask them to share your content about your app.

Bonus: Paid Advertising

There are many paid advertising options like AdWords and Facebook Ads are available to market your app.

If your app is really great and you have an enough budget for marketing & advertising then Adwords and Facebook Ads is the best-paid advertising network. It generates huge traffic to your app.

But what if your budget is small and not enough to afford AdWords and Facebook advertising? Don’t worry!! Other options are available,

Like StumbleUpon paid discovery

It’s cost effective paid advertising network. It costs $0.05 USD per visitor it is 10% of the cost of AdWords and Facebook Ads.

This is the great method to get hundreds of visitors per day. If your app is good enough then you can get good download rates.

The article Master Mobile Marketing: 35 Resources to Maximize your Apps Visibility will help you to find more interesting articles about mobile apps marketing.

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