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Are you looking for augmented reality development? Come work with us. We are India-based software development company specialized in augmented reality as well as virtual reality applications. Our center of attention is to cover the property, products, online sales as well as commercial applications. We combine technology with design to offer reliable and powerful solutions. We help you overlay the digital information on your business products, and at the same time, let your customers communicate with that information in real-time. We focus on creating a three-dimensional image by augmenting 2D or 3D graphics, audio and/or video on your customers’ favorite brands.

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Highly Skilled & Professional AR Apps Developers

Our highly skilled and tech-savvy professional team specialized in developing conversion base application, apps for tracking and virtual or augmented experiences for the purpose of mobile apps. We mainly focus on building a robust as well as sustainable business geared to push the limit of how we utilize virtual technology in our communication of information.

At Guru Technolabs, we pride ourselves providing high-quality 3D content for the purpose of augmented reality app development. Based in India, we service both domestic and international clients with completed augmented reality apps a variety of purposes, like advertising, arts, education, entertainment, exhibition and much, much more. We are a leading one-stop-shop for anything and everything about augmented reality, as we can manage out and out augmented reality process to build your augmented reality enabled mobile applications. If you can desire and image it, we can build it for you.

Why Choose Us for AR Apps Development?

We only work on the projects that we are aware of, and have appropriate skills for delivering end-to-end solutions. Therefore, you can rest assured of getting quality and standard at the same time. By marrying our highly creative as well as technical skills, experience and professionalism with your ideas and design, we Guru Technolabs, will provide you with out of the ordinary augmented reality apps and content that will display your brand in a positive light.

We will help your customers experience an entirely new world right in front of their eyes!

Having years of experience in augmented reality application development, our service and support will help you reinvent your brand with AR apps to build enthralling marketing campaigns for your business. It will not only help you establish an interactive relationship with your customers by offering a trustworthy and richer user-experience, but also blend innovation, creativity, and research to churn out convincing applications with an absolute focus to detail.

Let Us See How an Augmented Reality App Works

With the help of particular software, an augmented reality application works on smartphones, tablets as well as smart glasses to build interactive experiences for your clients. You can easily point your device-camera towards a picture or image, or any object or location, and see the digital information in the form of image or graphics. You can also see the audio and video on the screen perfectly.

  • An application utilizes the GPS in your smartphone or tablet to identify your current location.
  • It also helps you oversee the phone’s positioning with electric-compass to know or identify the direction it is focusing on.
  • The application normally seeks for text, videos, hyperlinks, images and so forth in a database, which tagged towards the specific location in the direction of the compass from the present location.
  • When the application successfully finds the information from the database, it starts positioning them over the picture or image of the object on your device’s screen.


We enhance your branding and marketing efforts easy. We will help you take your marketing campaigns to the next level by building cool AR apps. With us, you get 100 percent custom-branded applications according to your business objectives and needs. This will not only allow you to build a better connection with your existing consumers but also help you attract new ones. This type of AR application offers an immersive experience that helps you cover your ways for strong two-way integration amongst your consumers and brand.

World Class Solutions at Cost-Effective Rates

We Guru Technolabs, create augmented reality app with cutting-edge technologies. Our team of augmented reality apps developers comprises of experienced as well as highly qualified, who leave no stone unturned to provide the best application according to your branding needs. We have very deep and extensive understanding of all new technologies and know how to work with them. Some of are:

  • 3D Modeling and Rendering
  • Rigging and Animation
  • Markless and Marker-based tracking
  • SLAM tracking

You get unparalleled augmented reality app development solutions at reasonable price. You will have free access to a team, which follows agile or scrum methodology to provide you tangibly creates at every 10 days. Our process is very, very transparent, which allows you to have an out and out idea about the progress of your project. We carefully assess your business need and according to that target your consumers’ requirement. We successfully provide you the best technology solution to shape your vision. We help you with the following four things

  • Prompt delivery
  • Speed up your application marketing
  • Drive more sales
  • Reach more and more customers

We build augmented reality apps that are compatible with multiple devices. We focus on quick application loading time, strong back-end, clean design, and layout and cross-platform ready AR apps. You get pre and post development support. You get bug-free coding and programming, end-to-end testing, re-engineering your existing AR applications if needed, complete assistance in app deployment.

With us, you can create path-breaking augmented reality applications for breath-taking experience for all devices. 

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