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PHP simple HTML DOM Parser Script

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Simple HTML DOM parser is a PHP 5+ class. It is useful to manipulate HTML elements. This class can work with both valid HTML and HTML class that didn’t pass W3C validation. You can find elements by ids, classes, tags and many more. You can also add, delete or alter DOM elements. The only one thing you should care about is memory leaks. But you can avoid memory leaks.

Get Started with PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser

After uploading the class file, the simple HTML DOM class instance has to be created.

There are three ways to create DOM class:

  1. Load HTML from a file
  2. Load HTML from a URL
  3. Load HTML from a string

If you use “Load HTML from a string” and want more control over HTTP request, then use CURL to fetch HTML to a string and after that load the DOM class object from a string.

Find HTML Elements using PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser

You can use the find function to find HTML DOM elements. It returns an object or an array of an object.


Use “selectors” to find DOM Elements:

Parent, child and sibling elements selection using built-in functions:

Attribute Operators

With simple regular expressions, we can use attribute selectors.

  • [attribute] – Select HTML DOM elements that have a certain attribute
  • [attribute=value] – elements which have the specified attribute with a specific value.
  • [attribute!=value]- elements which don’t have the specified attribute with a specific value.
  • [attribute*=value] – elements with the particular attribute whose value contains the specified value
  • [attribute$=value] – elements with the specified attribute whose value ends with the specified value
  • [attribute^=value] – elements with the specified attribute whose value begins with the certain

Accessing DOM Element Attributes with PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser

Attributes are actually object variables:

Each object has four attributes:

  1. tag – returns the tag name
  2. innertext – returns inner HTML of an element
  3. outertext – returns outer HTML of an element
  4. plaintext – returns plain text (without HTML tags)

Editing HTML Elements with PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser

Edit an attribute is similar to reading their values.

There are no special functions to append or remove elements, but there are some methods:

To save the DOM document just put the DOM object into a variable:

Prevent PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser Memory Leak

Always be careful about memory leak because it can slow own your website. You can add following lines to avoid memory leaks.

Happy Coding!!

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