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How to secure website from hackers during Christmas Holidays?

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Is your Christmas shopping done? Almost all have completed except some lazy like me 😀

But, do you have secured your website to prevent hackers from hacking it during Christmas holidays?

You know what? The cases of website hacking happens a lot in Christmas holiday time. Because people are busy with Christmas Celebration, and hackers get sufficient time to hack your website.

If you aware about the importance of your website, you have to secure it so that hackers cannot hack your site.

Hackers have many methods to hack your site like SQL injection, DDoS attack, Cross site scraping, Clickjaking attacks, DNS cache positioning and a lot more.

What if your website gets hacked?

It’s Like a Horror Dream!

But sometime that horror dream can be a reality if we don’t take right action to prevent it before it happens.

Some General Tips to Secure Your Website:

  • It’s very easy to find an admin of wordpress. If you have a WordPress site, then anyone can find your admin by typing “wp-admin” after your home page.
  • Hackers have some software, using this they can try many matching of usernames and passwords in very short time.
  • Use SSL: URL which is using “https” instead of “http” that is also difficult to hack.
  • Limit your file uploads so that hackers cannot upload multiple files to damage your website.
  • And yeah. Always be updated.
  • Don’t use username as “admin”. If you already have it! You can edit it.

And many more like installing a firewall, auto fill removal, backup, network security……

Want more tips? You can contact us, we will provide you.

But, some hackers are expert to find the way to damage and hack your website.

If you are not a technical person or don’t have enough time to secure your website yourself.


If you want us (Guru Technolabs) to secure your website, we have a special package for you.

We can fully secure your site to prevent hackers attack.

We all know the importance of websites, so we must concern about security of the website in this Christmas holiday. We never ever want to start our new year with hacked website.

Just look at our holiday website security package, it’s really affordable and it makes you tension free about your website security during Christmas holidays.


Don’t worry if you have website in another platform, we can do for that also, just send us an inquiry using this inquiry form and we will get back to you with a free consultation and free quote.

If your website is not in WordPress and it’s in Joomla, Drupal, Magento, CodeIngniter, CakePHP, Smatry, Zencart or any other platform, then click bellowed button.


Give Your All Website Security Worries to Us & Fully Enjoy Christmas Festival 🙂

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